Friday, May 30, 2008

Akademi Fantasia

Weeks had passed since the final concert of the 6th Akademi Fantasia (AF6). However, the news and reports about it is still filling the all the newspaper like there is no other things to be discuss. Me myself watched that show that night just because my sister concquer that bloody TV remote! but i also watch it just to see how bad that Toi do and curse him a bit. Hate him since he sang Beautiful Girl in one of the AF concert . I am preety sure Sean Kingston will kill , kill, and kill him if he heard the way Toi perform it. AWFUL.

Back to the main issue of my post that is Akademi Fantasia. Personally, i dun really like this show and i am really shock how this show can still have thousands of loyal fans out there although the quality of the performer produced is lower and lower compared to the previous seasons. AF big fanz will surely be mad at me if they read this but this is reality.

I am so sad watching this kind of programmes. the AF students and the audience is MALAY 99.99%. The students perform in the AF concert every week and they had to prepare for every concert since before sunset. Whether they perform maghrib prayer or not, only they and Allah know it.

Same goes for the audience. Yelling out loud, shouting, boo-ing, cheering, and lots of other interesting sound. Of course most of them are MALAYS. Not to mention how much they spend to vote for their favourite AF students. If i a not mistaken, it cost RM10 per SMS. Well, of course it is their money and they can spend it on whatever that they prefer but isnt that WASTING??

This does not concern on AF only but also other TV reality show such as Gangstarz, One In A Million and many more. Of course the major participants and audience is MALAYS. It is very pathetic. Now everybody want to be an artist. they had been influenced by these kinds of show!

It is even pathetic that some of us really support these things. Some of them maybe had the tittle grand mother or grandfather! They shout. they yell. they wave. WHATS THE POINT? All the artist-wannabes dun even know us. They dun even do sumthing for us and we spend so many much supporting them! Better use the effort or the money on something benefits. Donate it, sedeqah, or even join the TV3 Bersamamu. That is much worthy compared to those bloody bunch of singers!

Since the Hindu era, Malays are famous for their hedonistic culture that is they yearn for entertainment. Singing is one of them. Today, small Malay childrens had already made up their minds to be a singer, an actor, and a performer. This is bloody pathetic! While kids from other races competes each other to excell in their study, our kids at home sit and watching TOM TOM BAK and already made up their minds to become an artist!

So it is not something suprise when we see the quality of MALAY youngsters is at the embarassing level. How can we have a first world mentality or living in the first world society if we still influenced by those THIRD world stuffs!!!

It is time for us to refresh ourselves, and force the media to shut all the programmes that will only make our new generations lost the interest to become educated person and contribute to the society, nation, country and faith.

p/s : child is like a white cloth. it is us who will create the pattern, whether to be a muslim, christians, or majusi