Saturday, November 13, 2010

Death News

"Rivalry in worldly increase distracteth you.
Until ye come to the graves. "
~Holy Koran 102:1-2~

Last night my friend back in MRSM posted in Facebook, informing that his grandfather had just passed away. And that, was the FOURTH death news i received this week. A day before that, my roommate here in India, by the good name of Eijas, told me that his uncle had just passed away.

The night before that, my friend in Davanegere inform the loss of one Malaysian future doctor there due to a roadway accident. And a few nights prior to that, i received a shocking news that trembled me to my deepest bone. Deedat, who is in Bangalore lost his father.

Deedat is a good friend of mine. Since he is an HPA agent, I always "pau" the HPA products under his bed. He is a cheerful guy, and fun to be made fun of, and always helpful when people need him.

His late father was an aged person. Which might medically explain this grave loss. Arep told me that around 7pm that day, he received a phone call from Deedat, and they were merrily chatting . Two hours after that, one of us the Manipalians saw someone posted this sad news in Facebook, and so the news spread.

Just imagine it. A happy conversation with an old friend, then few hours after that, you hear such loss. I remain speechless upon receving the message for quite a long time.

Death news of aged people always scare me. It should as both of my arents had reached beyond their 50s. I know that every living things will meet death. But I will never be ready to brace up if anyone close to me die. I barely able to think about it. The flashing of my parents faces, shiver me to the deepest vein.

I hardly be able to think about my own death. Here I am living and enjoying this Dunya like there is no tomorrow. Never stop to think about this my own being ad its creator. What will happen if I die now?

What will happen to me? Will anybody weep on my tomb? Will anybody mourn my death? How long will it take for them to smile back? or Laugh? How long will i take for them to forgot about me? Will anybody pray for my afterlife journey? Will anybody remember me anymore?

What deeds have I done? What sins have I committed? what legacy I left behind? How will I face the Afterlife? the Munkar? the Nakir? the Day of Judgement?

How will my name be left behind? like a dust, blown by the wind? or like a seed, grow and shade the other beings?

p/s: O Allah, place their souls amongst those who earn Thy blessings. Amin.