Sunday, July 27, 2008

A month in Seremban MARA College

It has been about a month since the day where i registered as an IB student in Kolej MARA Seremban. it is also has been a month since the last time i wrote an entry to this spectacular blog owned by a spectacular blogger. yet, this spectacular blogger still does not have enuff time n idea to create a new post.

well, lets begin with my new home, Kolej MARA Seremban, where the most antique building called Bangunan Razak (i prefer it to be called Bangunan Nazak), stand proudly on a hill infront of kelana resort. However, as i dun really expect much from this college in the aspects of infrastructures and fascilities, so i were not that suprise to see how "magnifico" this WORLD SCHOOL can be.

yet, all the people around here is so nice to each other even the seniors also never had the intention to perform ragging rituals. well, we are not in high school nymore and if ever raging or bullying happens, then their time management skill wud be really great and i wud undoubtedly admire their skill. Alas, they are not, and they will never achieve that really high standard and we know that none of us will.

the class session began on the 2nd tuesday and my class is called MD41 (medical-dentistry, 4th batch, class 1) which i really enjoy it very much. i had already get to know my male classmates before as there is only 37 male IB students in my batch. we live at the same floor of Blok Farabi, very near to the only female hostel, Blok Aisyah.

well, the class session always starts at 8 and end at 220pm. on the firast and second week, Wajidi and I had a lil bit of diddiculty adapting ourselves as we were so used to the system in MRSM TGB where we have to get up early as morning call starts at 710am. meaning to say, in this beloved world school, we always had prepared and ready to leave the hostel at 705am, although lots of us still lingering around at the bathroom! however, we manage to adapt to this new situation and and for assembly at 315pm, all of us will arrive 10-20 minutes late. haha. afterall, we are male malay students!

all the teachers here is so nice and also friendly.hmm, no idea what to write nymore but i am sure that i will be posting new entries quite soon with other stuffs to be storied. excuszi =)

p/s: as i am in seremban rite now, which is near to KL, i really hope to have a reunion for all my beloved ex-TGBrianz 06/07. however, my hope is still a hope. and to lily, here got a student who look just like u! really!! but i never get chance to know her name! haiz..