Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miserable Miser

For this couple of weeks, I felt like I was stuck in the crowdedness of the Mydin Mall during the Hari Raya Sale. That fcuking Mydin Mall have nothing to do with me actually, just using it as a metaphor, portraying my damn busy life for this past two weeks. I felt like having asthma and gasping for air just to breathe.

My head feel like expanding, waiting to explode while I am trying to understand those miserable CHEMisery, arranging a secret CAS project, arranging a party for those special kids of Taman Sinar Harapan and thinking of ways to market the handcrafts made by them, studying that brainless Okonkwo, searching for a suitable research question for my Extended Essay and solving those bloody idiot Maths HL questions. Blame me for not spending my Chinese New Year holiday wisely.

Not to mention about how I am now worry about my god damn fat body. I think I am getting bigger and fatter. A conversation with Mr Amsyar and Mr Ikmal days ago confirmed my worries. The content of the conversation will not be discussed here.

In addition to my worries, this year, I find that climbing up those KMS fences are now had become uneasy for me! SHIT! Thank God I realized it a few days ago. I think it is time for me to revive my Plan B (Wawasan Hosni Kurus 2009). Plan A (Wawasan Hosni Kurus 2008) had totally screwed up.

Bear in mind that I still got Plan C.

p/s: thoughts of having Plan D and Plan E have been taken into consideration. My life is miserable. Indeed.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Light of Hope

Sitting in front of my dear laptop after performing me prayer, make my mind to wander back to 9 hours ago where we were visiting Taman Sinar Harapan Tengku Ampuan Najihah in Seremban, a place for Orang Kurang Upaya Akal, who were there following the court order.

My heart was thumping as soon as my foot set on the shelter’s compound. To be frank, I had no idea why do I feel like that, whenever I look or think about those unfortunate children and even if I watch Bersamamu TV3. I will feel uneasy as I am there with a healthy and fat figure, with good head on my shoulder, while staring at them, who can barely take care of themselves, or to make a living. I cant really describe my actual feeling that time actually.

Sad, sympathy, stunned, downhearted, grim, heavy, hopeless, miserable, mournful, pitiful, tragic, and unfortunate and lots of other uncomfortable feelings rose in my stomach and heart if I ever be in their situation.

I will always feel that I am a useless person who cannot do anything to help them nor to contribute anything for the betterment of the community.

Listening to a briefing by Mr Basir Ahmad was not a difficult task. Every nerves were put to work to pay attention, listening to every single word coming out from his mouth, while my imagination soaring up the sky, thinking of what possibly that we could do to contribute to them.
This place got fine infrastructure, fine field, fine playground, fine caretakers, and is financed by the Community Welfare Office under the supervision of the government of Malaysia.

Listening and thinking did not really tested me, but when it was time to pay a visit to the hostels, I was quite excited and eager, and somehow deep in my heart core, the indescribable uneasy feelings rose again. Smiling heavily, I follow Mr Basir to the hostel, which is actually more like a small empty house.

A few handshakes and hugs finally gave my nerves back and that uncomfortable feelings finally vanished away. Thanks to the rest of the guys who were mingling very well with them, make me realise how good to know them, how good to see and to talk to these special peoples. I felt so touched and not even have any idea why.

After visiting their hostel, their Dining Hall where they eat very properly without making any mess like the KMS students, their classroom where they learnt how to make hell of handcrafts that had just stunned us; we finally have to leave them.

However, at the time where we were wandering in their classroom, playing with those magnificent baskets, flowers and other handcrafts which will not be expected to be created by the hands of these unfortunate children; I manage to have a word with Mr Basir to discuss what could we possibly do to help them or to really give the Sinar Harapan (Light of Hope) to them.

Mr Basir kindly entertained us with stories and information that have been really helpful. While talking, I dare not to stare his eyes, which was a bit glassy, portraying his loving heart which had been devoted for these children. I neither can stand the look of his eyes, nor the look of the children’s eyes. Well, sometimes, a handsome guy can be very emotional.

We will set our foot back onto this soil, bringing light to cheer up our new friend here. We will. InsyaAllah.

My mind then started to think of the next step; what could we do to contribute something to them?

May Allah guide us.

Any suggestion?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Aid to Our Brothers & Sisters

These are the products that finance the Zionist agenda. They are killing thousands of our brothers and sisters. Spread this picture to everybody. It is the least that we can do. Spread this thing! Paste it on your blog. Print it on a paper and keep it in your wallet. Refer to this list whenever you go shopping. Boycott these products. Every cents you spend meant for a bullet for our little brother in Palestine. Spread this for the sake of ummah. It is the least that we could do to help our brothers and sisters there. May Allah show guide us.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hikayat Bandar Penawar

Maka kembalilah kini Tuan Hosni, membawa ceritera baharu lantaran lama pula ia tiada berkarya. Saban minggu lamanya. Takut bosan pula tamu yang berkunjung.

Maka sudah lepas berapa-berapa minggu Tuan Hosni mengaji disini, maka diroyat pula oleh Guru Mutallib akan adanya satu temasya bersabitan hal ehwal dagang ini. Lantas jadi kepala budak budak niaga, maka geraklah sekalian mereka berdua belas ke Bandar Penawar. Akan yang ber tiga lagi itu tiada pergi karena asbab mereka jua. Cik Aminah, Cik Athifah, Cik Aini tiga-tiga mereka tiada sudi pergi. Biarlah, mereka juga punya pekerjaan lain.

Maka sebermula penjalanan mereka itu, giranglah adanya. Sungguhpun diketahui sekalian mereka bahawa mereka sekalian bakal hilang dua hari pengajian. Tiada pula mereka peduli. Tuan Hosni juga serupa.

Pergi mereka kesana, tiada pula mereka tahu akan hujung pangkal aturan pekerjaan di sana. Melainkan bermain permainan Catur Bistari, yang mana adik beradik ia dengan Monopoly dan Saidina kecuali lain nama dan caranya.

Banyak juga mereka berlatih, tiada pula sekalian mereka menang. Sayembara dua jam lamanya itu dari senyap bertukar kabut. Kasihan pula pada ahlul bank. Tiada cukup seratus tangan meladeni pemain berlima semeja. Si paling kaya pada malam sayembara itu orang tuan rumah sendiri juga, beroleh 35 juta lebih-lebih. Apa hairan, Tuan Hosni yang baik paras itu juga beroleh 2 juta. Sengaja ia beri muka. Takut malu pula tuan rumah.

Kasihan Tuan Hosni pada Si Bilah yang beroleh 64 ribu, namun semua pun gara-gara ahlul bank beliau yang tiada arif. Maka celaru pula segala urusan di meja beliau. Bukanlah gara-gara jahil Si Bilah. Tahu sudah Tuan Hosni yang orang-orangnya bagus-bagus belaka, cuma tiada bernasib mereka malam itu. Bak kata bidalan, sudah kepalanya bagus, maka badan sampai ke ekor akan bagus juga.

Malam lain pula beroleh pekerjaan lain pula. Berbahagilah sekalian peserta ikut madrasahnya. Diberi dua madrasah satu orang Guru dalam hal niaga. Guru-guru ini tiada lain tauke-tauke orang Melayu kita yang dijemput supaya boleh ia berkongsi nasihat dan pandangan sekalian kami pula perlu berbuat pembentangan fasal “perniagaan impian”. Beroleh lah kami sepatah dua nasihat berguna. Naik pula rasa kagum Tuan Hosni pada Gurunya, lantaran kuat pula ia berenang di laut ganas ini. Maka penuhlah masa petang itu dengan pembikinan paparan-paparan demi pembentangan kami.

Maka malam menjelang tiba, sudah ikut budi bicara, maka Tuan Hosni pun manjadi salah seorang pembentangnya. Awal-awal lagi sepakat kami memilih cacing sebagai perniagaan impian sekalian kami. Bukanlah berjual cacing shaja, namun jangka masa panjangnya membolehkan kami sekalian berbuat ubat sendiri. Manalah tahu.

Namun sedang mula bertutur di atas pentas di khalayak ramai, maka ketar-ketar pula Tuan Hosni. Tiada terdaya beliau lantaran ketar-ketar itu sudah natijahnya. Namun karena sudah ketar-ketar, kepala tiada fikir matlamat, maka tersasul Tuan Hosni menyerah mikrofon tanpa ia ingat pada gilirannya. Sudahnya, tambah cemaslah beliau. Sudah itu, tertangguh pula sampai Saudara Leman tiada sempat berbaca bahagiannya.

Tiadalah Tuan Hosni terdaya terus berhikayat lantaran malu teramat sangat. Barang yang berminat, tanyalah sekalian Ashabul Entrepreno. Tahulah mereka berhikayat. Sudah habis Tuan Hosni berbuat celaka, maka turun ia bergetap bibir tiada berbunyi sepatah. Malulah ia bukan kepalang. Malulah ia karena tiada upaya bercakap depan sekalian budak ramai-ramai. Salah beliau juga tiada siap siaga molek-molek.

Duduk senyap Tuan Hosni membisu malu, maka tepi-tepi beliau baik pula sekalian handainya. Tiada pula mereka marah-marah. Malah baik pula mereka berkata manis membuang cuka di mukanya. Mula-mula tiada mahu ia meladeni, namun akhir-akhir terlayan jua. Tuan Hosni fikir, apa guna dikenang barang yang sudah. Hanya iktibar sahaja mampu diambil.

Maka belajarlah Tuan Hosni ilmu baharu malam itu. Moga-moga tiada diulang silap yang sama. Namun, terharulah ia dengan sekalian handainya. Pandai pula jaga hati orang. Pandai pula berbuat kerja. Pandai pula berhujah depan orang ramai-ramai. Malu pula ia jadi kepala. Baik-baik mereka sekalian ini, tiada pernah berbuat onar.

Maka fikir Tuan Hosni, jika ditakdir beroleh beliau membuka syarikah, maka orang-orangnya pasti sudah di ambil dari Ashabul Entrepreno beliau ini.

Kita kan keluarga!~~


Friday, January 9, 2009

Salam! Ya KMS! (Greeting, o KMS)

Here am I at the under-renovation Bangunan Nazak in this outstanding Seremban IB World School. The way of this building looks now might make you think that the Zionist regime has mistakenly lunch a missile to this very building. The failure of both contractor and college administration to get this renovation done within the school holidays had spawn anger among the teachers, as well as the students. Wisma Pelajar is not a conducive place to conduct classes and poor A Level students had to fight for their asses to get a sit in the small Lecture Hall 1.

This very first week (4 days to be exact) back from meaningless holiday, as usual; my weight-gained body draw attention from my caring friends. Well, they have no different too. Holiday is the only time to really stuff our stomach with the dearest food of our desire instead of those horrible masterpieces served by the Dewan Selera Lah Sangat.

The two days re-orientation programme had left us completely in boredom. Though, few teachers should be given credit. Thanks to them for they came out with several activities that is not so boring, not including the Chicken Dance and the Siamese Song Dance. My beloved and wise Madam Siti Marry also had managed to give a good speech, although she was merely repeating what she had told us last year.

The weird thing about this bloody Chicken Dance, agreed by Mr Wajidi and Miss Aminah, is almost all of my friends from the other education institute all over Malaysia somehow knew this bloody dance. It is not about how we should shake our asses and prancing like a half wits, but it is just because when we were asked to dance, the guys were positioned in front of the girls, creating an uncomfortable feelings overwhelming our mind and heart.

This very displeasure rose as we felt like our cute asses was being "usha" by the girls behind us while we were dancing. To the female readers who just started to vomit or make an “Eeeeeeeeeeeeww!” sound, let me remind you that this uncomfortable feeling of mine is shared with all my friends and I bet that each of you would have the same feeling if you were in our shoes that time.

Thursday and Friday greet us with the semester 1 exam results. Thanks to Allah Almighty, my performance is quite acceptable although dissatisfaction still rose due to my Chem Misery, Mad, Biol Lagi, and Ekor Nomy. Their details will not be shared here and all I can say is I have to perform my puasa nazar. It is the first time mingling with such question for god sake, and all I can do next is to strive harder and harder for a better result in the next three semesters, the final one especially.

The departure of Madam Khomah to pursue her study had left our class with her new successor that will be here in February. Happily keeping the holiday Chem Misery homework in view, we pay the consequences as Madam Zolbidah the temporary teacher had asked us to submit it on this Monday, not to mention the experiment design task given by Madam Juriah last year. These two tasks, along with the frustrating exam results, had put away our smile and laughter, leaving us speechless for a long long long long 5 minutes. Well, say hello to IB again!

P/s; When will we ever learn that procrastination always lead to disaster?


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sultan Abdul Hamed II (1876-1909)

Theodore Herzl berangkat ke Turki pada Mei 1901 untuk berjumpa Khalifah. Misi Herzl ke sana ialah memujuk Khalifah menyerahkan bumi Palestin kepada orang-orang Yahudi. Malangnya, Khalifah enggan menyerahkannya kepada orang-orang Yahudi, malah permintaan Herzl itu dibalas dengan kata-kata berikut;

“Beta lebih rela ditikam dengan besi daripada melihat Palestin hilang.“

"Bete lebih rela dikerat daging dari tubuh beta sendiri daripada mengeluarkan Palestin dari tanah orang Islam"

"Tanah Palestin bukan milik Beta tetapi milik orang Islam keseluruhannya. Beta tidak akan membenarkan sesiapa mengambilnya selagi beta masih hidup. Tetapi jika suatu hari khilafah Islam tumbang, anda boleh mengambilnya dengan percuma."


Khalifah terakhir Sultan Abdul Hamed IV meninggalkan istana atas arahan Presiden Turki pertama Mustafa Kamal Attartuk pada 1922.
Penamat kepada khilafah Islam,
dan permulaan kepada pencabulan kehormatan Islam dan Muslim



Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doa Untuk Saudaraku

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani.

Ya Allah ya tuhanku, sesungguhnya aku menghadapmu dengan penuh kehinaan. Didalam dosa-dosa dan noda-noda yang membaluti tubuhku. Namun aku tidak tahu kepada siapa lagi yang aku patut mengharap.

Ya Allah, al-Aqsa diserang lagi ya Allah.

Ya Allah, al-Aqsa diserang lagi ya Allah.

Ya Allah, al-Aqsa diserang lagi ya Allah.

Ya Allah, saudara-saudara kami dibunuh lagi.

Ya Allah, saudara-saudara perempuan kami dirogol dan dicabul lagi.

Ya Allah, saudara-saudara kecil kami menangis lagi.

Ya Allah, harta-harta mereka musnah lagi.

Ya Allah, pemimpin-pemimpin kami masih tidur lagi.

Ya Allah, sedarkanlah umat ini dari lena mereka. Hidupkanlah mereka dari mati mereka.

Ya Allah, berilah keinsafan pada pemimpin-pemimpin kami. Bawalah mereka ke jalan yang benar. Penuhkanlah hati mereka dengan ketakutan kepadaMu. Buanglah ketakutan mereka terhadap orang-orang Kuffar.

Ya Allah, penuhkanlah dada-dada mereka dengan Keimanan. Kembalikanlah mereka kejalan lurus.

Ya Allah, muliakanlah mereka dengan Islam. Jadikanlah mereka diantara orang-orang yang memuliakan Islam.

Ya Allah, penuhilah dada kami dengan ketaqwaan padaMu. Penuhilah dada kami dengan rasa takut padaMu. Buanglah dari dada kami rasa takut pada orang-orang kuffar. Buanglah dari dada kami Wahn.

Ya Allah, bantulah kami semua menjulang kembali panji-panji jihad.

Ya Allah, bantulah kami semua menjulang kembali panji-panji al Luwa’.

Ya Allah, bantulah kami semua menjulang kembali panji-panji ar Rayyah.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kehormatan Islam.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kekuatan Islam.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami ruh Islam.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Daulah Khilafah Islamiah.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Daulah Khilafah Islamiah.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Daulah Khilafah Islamiah.

Ya Allah, berkatilah para ulama kami. Kembalikanlah mereka ke jalanMu. Muliakanlah kami dengan ilmuMu dan ilmu mereka. Permudahkanlah jalan di depan mereka.

Jadikanlah mereka golongan yang menegakkan kebenaran.

Jadikanlah mereka golongan yang membela Islam.

Jadikanlah mereka golongan yang tidak takut dipersalahkan demi agamaMu.

Sungguhpun dimarahi orang-orang Nasara.

Sungguhpun dicela orang-orang Yahudi.

Sungguhpun dibenci orang-orang Kuffar.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami as Siddiq.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami al Farouq.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Zun Nurain.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Karamallahu Wajhah.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Salahaddin.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Harun ar Rasyid.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami al Hakam.

Ya Allah, kembalikanlah kami Mehmet al Fateh.

Ya Allah, berilah kemenangan pada Islam. Sebarkanlah Islam di serata dunia. Julangkanlah panji-panjiMu. Tumbangkanlah bendera-bendera Kuffar.

Ya Allah, tumbangkanlah orang-orang Kuffar. Mereka inilah yang memusuhi agamaMu, membunuh hambamu yang taat padaMu.

Ya Allah, hapuskanlah mereka! Laknatilah mereka dengan sebesar-besar laknat. Campakkanlah mereka dalam kehinaan.

Ya Allah, musnahkanlah Daulah Yahudi itu. Hapuskanlah ilmuwan-ilmuwan mereka. Hapuskanlah ketua-ketua mereka. Sungkurkanlah pemimpin-pemimpin mereka.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya mereka telah melanggar batasan-batasanMu. Mereka telah bongkak dengan kelebihan mereka. Mereka telah membuat kemusnahan di bumiMu. Mereka telah membunuh saudara kami, dan mencabul saudari kami. Mengalirkan airmata di anak-anak kami. Menghalau kami dari bumi al Aqsa.

Ya Allah, hukumlah mereka! Hukumlah beruk-beruk dan khinzir-khinzir itu. Tunjukkanlah keagunganMu. Tunjukkanlah keajaibanMu. Tunjukkanlah kekuasaan Mu.

Ya Allah, berkatilah kami dengan dua rakaat di Masjidil Aqsa.

Sesungguhnya engkau telah kurniakan kami nikmat yang dengan dua rakaat di Masjidil Haram

Sesungguhnya engkau telah kurniakan kami nikmat dengan dua rakaat di Masjidin Nabawi.

Maka gembirakanlah kami dengan dua rakaat di Masjidil Aqsa.

Rahmatilah kami dengan dua rakaat di Masjidil Aqsa.

Berkatilah kami dengan dua rakaat kami di Masjidil Aqsa.

Sungguhpun dibenci orang-orang Kuffar.

Ya Allah, tebarkanlah saudara-saudari kami di bumiMu. Tegakkanlah bendera Jihad. Tinggikanlah agamaMu. Kembalikanlah kehormatannya.

Ya Allah, bantulah kami membebaskan Palestin.

Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku menghadapMu dengan penuh rasa malu. Diatas kejahilan ku dan kejahatanku. Diatas semua dosa-dosaku. Syukurku padaMu kerna Kau masih menerimaku.

Ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku. Ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku. Ampunkanlah dosa-dosaku.
Aku malu dengan dosa-dosaku. Aku malu dengan diriku.

Aku malu padaMu dengan KebesaranMu.

Namun aku tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa terhadap musuh-musuh agamaMu. Aku tidak mampu berbuat apa-apa untuk saudara-saudaraku. Aku hanya mampu berjuang dengan hujung jariku sahaja. Aku hanyalah mampu berjuang dengan wang ringgitku sahaja.
Aku tidak mampu mengangkat senjata demi agamaMu. Aku tidak mampu meninggalkan kehidupanlu demi agamaMu. Aku tidak mampu meninggalkan dunia ku demi agamaMu.
Aku tidak mampu untuk meninggalkan keluargaku demi agamaMu.

Aku hanya mampu menggunakan jariku. Aku hanya mampu menggunakan benakku. Aku hanya mampu menggunakan lidahku. Namun aku akan berusaha dengan seluruh kemampuan ku demi agamaMu. Akanku berusaha seluruh keupayaanku demi agamaMu.

Aku cuma meminta keampunanMu dan bantuanMu dalam kecelaan ku ini.

Namun aku mengharap dengan sepenuh pengharapanku, kembalikanlah kami kejalan benar. Bantulah kami mengerjakan suruhanMu. Hindarilah kami dari laranganMu. Buanglah debu-debu dan daki-daki yang lama melekat di tubuhku.

Sesungguhnya aku berserah diri kepadaMu.

Makbulkanlah doaku. Makbulkanlah doaku. Makbulkanlah doaku.
Bantulah hambaMu ini ya Allah.

Bantulah kami ya Allah.

Selawat dan salam keatas utusanMu Nabi Muhammad Sollalaahu alahi Wasallam, dan keatas keluar baginda, dan keatas para shabatnya.

Perkenankanlah doaku, wahai Tuhan sekalian alam.

Amin, Ya Rabbal Alamin.


Wahai saudara-saudaraku, aku sudah memohon bantuan Allah untuk kalian. Maafkanku, hanya ini yang aku dapat buat untuk menolong kalian. Bersabarlah, sinar Allah akan tiba. Janji Allah akan tiba. Sabarlah, teruskan berjuang. Teruskan.


Friday, January 2, 2009

Mudoh jah..

Islam itu mudah. yang jadi leceh dan susah tu pasal kita. suasana pengamalan islam di malaysia sering dipenuhi dengan ayat-ayat dibawah. maka jawab Lord Hosni.....

“Biar lah aku tak pakai tudung, aku bukan kacau orang. Ape ingat orang yang pakai tudung tu semua baik? Yang berjubah labuh tu semua masuk syurga? Nampak je pakai jubah labuh tudung labuh, entah-entah nak tutup perut da de isi!”

Memanglah perempuan yang pakai tudung tu tak semestinya baik, tapi perempuan yang baik itu semestinya memakai tudung. Dah kalu bangga sangat tak tutup aurat, bogel je lah! Takpe la..asalkan hati baik kan? Kalau tak sedia nak pakai tudung, cakap je lah tak sedia. Paling2 kurang yang menegur tu bolehlah lega pasal dah lepas tanggungjawab. Nape perlu hentam orang lain pulak? Haiz..

“Ko ni nak tegur-tegur aku ni apsal? Ko tu sape? Ke hulu kehilir dengan seluar pendek, ade hati nak tagur aku bab agama konon!”

Apa kena mengena teguran tu dengan sifat penegur yang suka pakai boxer tu? Kita nak dengar nasihat ke nak tengok boxer dia? Kalau betul teguran die tu, kenape tak terima? Takkan nak tunggu pak haji berjanggut berserban tegur dulu baru nak berubah? Lihat apa yang dikata, bukan orang yang berkata! Kecuali lah soal hukum yang tidak ada putusnya dalam Quran.

“Ko ni sape nak bagi tazkirah kat aku? Ko ingat ko tu baik sangat ke? Jage dulu amal ko tu. Diri sendiri tu betolkan dulu, ni nak tegur2 orang, nak nasihat2 org..sedar la diri tu siket! ”

Budak tu tegur kita pasal dia sayang kat kita. Dah jadi tanggungjawab kalau dia ada ilmu. Kalau kita dah tau kita salah, yang pergi herdik orang buat apa? Kata orang tak sedar diri, tapi dia sendiri yang tak sedar diri. Orang macam inilah yang menghancurkan usaha dakwah. Kalau yang menegur tu ada salah, beritahulah die dengan cara baik, die pun perlukan nasihat jugak. Saling masihat-menasihati, kan bagus. Macam lagu Waheeda, Wassinni! (nasihatilah aku)

“Suke hati aku la nak dress macam ni. Suke hati aku la nak gi mane2. Ape ko ingat budak yang gi surau tu sume baek2 ke? Diorang tu taklid buta je tau! Kitorang yang banyak mengkaji ni lagi banyak tau.Media skang dok bukan main lagi label2 kitorang ni tak guna la, sampah la..kitorang de ilmu tau! Diorang yang gi masjid gi surau tu tau pe pasal falsafah-falsafah ni? Diorang tau main ikut je. Pak turut!”

Tak semestinya yang pegi surau tu semuanya baik, tapi yang baik semestinya yang pergi surau. Kita tak nak dilabel orang, tapi kita dah pun melabel orang yang konon-kononnya melabel kita. Kalu dah kononnya banyak ilmu tu, kongsilah dengan orang ramai. Apa salah pergi surau jugak. Budak surau boleh dapat ilmu, budak macam korang pon bole dapat ilmu. Sama-sama bertukar ilmu. Orang mungkinlah mengata kita ini menda buruk yang macam2. Media memang macam tu. Prove them wrong then! One way to prove you right is to prove them wrong! Mana kita tau budak2 surau tu pak turut? Mungkin mereka boleh berhujah lebih baik dari kalian, maka berkongsilah ilmu. Tidak salah. Kita semua kan bersaudara. Hanya kerana kita punya minat lain2, maka kita saling tidak suka? Masing-masing mempunyai nilai keislaman dalam diri. Maka tonjolkanlah. Biar dengan cara masing2 pun.

“Eeeesh, taknaklah aku kawan dengan diorang. Perangai macam gila2 sangat. Macam liar je. Kang aku pulak yang terpengaruh! Senang aku kawan dengan budak2 baik je, budak2 surau je. Boleh gak ada member kejut subuh, boleh gak de member nak Tanya soal agama. Budak2 riuh tu tau pe? Maen game, melalak,fly je lah. Dok oversea pon aku ingat nak duk ngan orang malysia je, senang siket. Ni duk ngan orang mane2 tah2 nanti masuk kristian pulak aku. Duduk ngan orang kita jugak senang. Tak la bimbang terpengaruh.”

Sebelas tahun belajar pendidikan islam kat sekolah tu dulu sia2 je kalau tak boleh cerita kat orang. Stakat nak buat amal diri sendiri, selfish namenye. Da de ilmu tu kongsi la. Nasihat la. Ajak la member kearah kebaikan. Buat apa belajar islam kalau tak boleh cakap pasal islam, tak boleh kenalkan islam pada orang bukan islam. Asyik nak kawan dengan orang sama spiesies je, jadi watak bundar lah kita. Penah dengar cite satu ulama tengah berzikir, then de satu suara bitau beliau jiran beliau di syurga nanti. Beliau pun pergi cari orangnya, bile da jumpe, tekezutlah die tengok bakal jiran die tu tengah mabuk2. Bile da die sedar, die pun beritahu yang ada suara yang bitau pasal kedatangan ulama tu. Die pun cerita yang dulunya orang2 kat situ ada 80 orang muslim fasik. Die pun berkawanlah dengan fasik2 tu dan Berjaya menarik 40 orang kembali ke jalan benar. Then die pass on lagi 40 org tu kat ulama tu sbelom die memulakan perjalanan. Dapat iktibar?


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Salleh Abi Hosni

Born in a family of six, youngest out of four siblings, who the breadwinner is a lecturer married to a teacher, many would say that the child was born with silver spoon in my mouth. Well, they were quite wrong actually. As a son of a thrifty father, material desires never get me overwhelmed. Yearning for luxury would be considered as inferior thoughts in my sanctified mind. Although it is a bit though, his economic policy shows us how much 1 cent value.

His economic policy is not harsh at all. Never in his life had he let any of us starving for days. My shoes is a prominent witness, giving it had to bear a burden of 82kg every day. Maybe less, who knows anyway. However, the new millennium in 2000 gave a new dawn for my family’s new economic policy. The father of a handsome guy began his vision which he had always dreamt of – balik kampong. Yes, that is his dream and he began to make it a reality. Well, if balik kampong is as simple as buying bus ticket to our hometown, it is nothing to be scared of. Balik kampong in our accent means to move back to our hometown and serve our own people. And that is his intention.

He is going to build a house, on a piece of paddy land in Kuala Terengganu, inherited from his father (my grandfather of course). Soils were then pouring into the paddy field, house plans were drafted, decided and then sent to his friends to be sketch for real. His brother in law is a newly appointed contractor. Lorries were rolling in those small village road unloading cements, bricks, concretes, steels, sands, and other building materials.

How do these affect us? The new policy! The whole family budget was put to finance the house. Large sum of his and his wife’s savings, were put to finance the construction. The Tabung Haji, the EPF, the KWSP, the gratuity money and any other sources were then allocated to finance to construction. Our house budget had a little bit of reformation. The spending on things considered to be unnecessary is then prohibited. Everybody had to cut their budget for the sake of the family. Back then, I felt like the Japanese during the World War II. The construction finished around 2004 without any loan made. The only remain is the owner and his family, who refuse to move yet, in pursuing his career for another two years after retirement, as he need a job to finance his children. His savings had run out due to his project.

In April 2007, during the youngest and admirable charming son of the family having MC for seven weeks due to his fractured fibula, they officially moved to their new home, leaving the nostalgic Kuantan. Nevertheless, the new economic policy hasn’t change back since that. The budgets were even reduced from time to time. It is all due to the wise leadership of Pak Lah, where fuel hike was executed for a few time, the worst would be after the 12th general election, where the fuel price had gone up for 80 cents. This had caused him to revise his expenditures.

Back then, his youngest and pious son is very keen of surfing the internet, causing the bills to rise. Installing broadband is not a clever solution as after his handsome son pursues his study, he would be only living with his wife who does not even know how to use Internet Explorer just like him. He later came with the solution that left his sweet son remained speechless after being informed - THE INTERNET SERVICE IN HOUSE WAS TERMINATED.

Today, here in a small crowded cybercafé full of the loudness of these uncivilised monkeys playing games while shouting to each other, his pious and incredibly good-looking son are sitting in front of PC05, posting a new entry in his blog for fools to read.

This sweet and charming guy never gave up hope praying for any of his nearby neighbours to install a wide ranged Wi-Fi in their house. He too, just like his father, would implement the same economic policy if he will ever raise a family, and swear that his children will never easily get what they want. He will adore the way of his father, whom he loves and respects so much.