Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chef Wan the Unsung Hero

Although it is quite late, But Lord Hosni de Wise congratz u for your recent triumph of being awarded with;
Best Celebrity Television Chef of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
and I heard that Oprah are going to invite u to cook in her show..
Chef Wan, u r the jewel of the malays and malaysia.
We are proud of u

Friday, August 28, 2009

Pak Cik Serigala

In many ways that it seems to appear, my holiday is not bad after all. Not to mention that I missed tarawikh on the second night due to a long chat with my aunt. The rest is quite okay though the sensation of early Ramadhan is not there, plus the selawat between the tarawikh recited by those Johoreans are quite unordinary and unacceptable for me.

I was quite shocked with such selawat recited by them. The verses sound unheard of. My early assumption was that those Johoreans of Surau Kampung Padang Lalang, Tangkak, are of Shia sect, or maybe they are followers of other schools of the Sunnis.

Bearing in mind that such small matter is not something worthy to argue, I continue my prayers with my heart devoted solely to God Almighty. Alas, the devotion is not really a full one. Being a guest to such a hospitable aunt, Ramadhan is an interesting experience. Though my body follows the Imaam in front, often I found my mind leaving his charming and pious owner, travelling back to the dining table and the streets of Bazaar Ramadhan.

Ayam Percik Bangsar bought from Bazaar Jasin is real delicious. I had been longing it for a couple of years since I left Jasin after SPM. Nasi Ambang (pronounced as ambeng) on the second day really amuse me, though they replace the Ayam Kicap with Ayam Ungkep. It is not really Nasi Ambang then but my first experience tasting the Ayam Ungkep was delightful. The tastes of herbs and spices overwhelming me mouth, savouring every single taste bud on me tongue.

It was the evening of me third day in Tangkak when I paid a visit to the beloved MRSM Tun Ghafar Baba, the place where Lord Hosni was born. To my surprise, the security guard allow me to wander in the college compound with my uncle’s bike and he even treated me nicely, with a long chat that I entertained not-so-full-heartedly. He reminds me of an old security guard back in my beloved college in Seremban.

So I wander around in the college compound, capturing a few pictures with my Daun, of places that are nostalgic for me. But before I manage to visit my old classroom, another security guard rode his bike approaching me.

“Dik, takleh masuk la dik..skang ni waktu cuti..takleh masuk.”

Obeying his order, I dashed back to Tangkak at once as it is 6.30pm already. My early intention of visiting my friend; Iqbal, was not fulfilled as sunset is about time.

The way the second security guard “chased” me away in a very polite manner indeed melts me heart. Both security guards I met that day were new there. The security company had changed already. They were not the same guards patrolling the college during my time. Yes, the man whom we nicknamed Pakcik Serigala or Pakcik Ghost Rider was not there. Somehow, I miss that man.

That night, I slept soundly, reminiscing the sound of an old Honda Cup, riding along the corridors of the Form 5 classrooms, with a big man on it, cap covering his long hair, round grim face, long moustache and a thick pair of glasses. It is 1 o’ clock in the morning, and the tranquillity of the school is then disturbed by Pakcik Ghost Rider, barking;

“Balek balek balek!!!!”


Lord Hosni Jadi Pak Cik

Kangkar Pulai, 28 Ogos. Lord Hosni de Wise dalam satu sidang media tergempar semalam telah membuat satu kenyataan yang menggemparkan. Beliau telah mengumumkan bahawa kakak ipar beliau telahpun berbadan dua. Apabila ditanya perasaan beliau, beliau menyatakan rasa syukur yang tidak terhinggag dan ucapan tahniah buat abangnya laki bini.

"Biasalah, dah kawen tu, ada rezeki pulak nak dapat anak. Alhamdulillah la. Saya terharu jagak pasal ini adalah pertama kali dalam keluarga kami."

Beliau yang tidak sabar-sabar hendak menjadi bapa saudara, kini sedang mula memikirkan nama yang sesuai untuk anak saudaranya nanti memanggil beliau.

"Pak Su atau Pak Chu agak klasik. Namun boleh dipertimbangkan. Lagipun beliau (kakak ipar) baru lima minggu (berbadan dua)."

Sambi menikmati Nasik Ambang, beliau menegur tindakan wartawan sesetengah tabloid yang mengganggu cuti neliau yang tak seberapa itu. Beliau turut membuat ulasan mengenai Nasik Ambang yang dijamah beliau yang disifatkannya sebagai mantap.

"Nasik Ambang memang sedap, dah lama saya suka. Lagi-lagi yang Johor punya. Tempat laibn saya tak jumpa lagi yang sedap. Akhirnya, setelah sekian lama, Johor dan rakyatnya mempunyai sesuatu untuk dibanggakan." - AFP


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Awal Ramadhan

Here I am in a such a pathetic cybercafe in Tangkak, Johor, where I am spending a few days of my precious holiday with my aunt.

For many Malay muslims, as well as a handsome and charming guy like me, spending the Awal Ramadhan wiith family at home is something sweet and a must. Alas, it had been three years then, since first celebrated the Awal Ramadhan at home.


I remember the very first time I look at 2009 calendar. The very first thing I find is the date of the Awal Ramadhan. Glad tiding, the Awal ramadhan is during our mid-sem holiday.


However, a few weeks ago, a phone call from me beloved old sweet mother crashed me heart, me dream, and me hope.

"Cuti bulan 8 nanti, kamu cuti sminggu kan?"

"Ye, time tu awal puasa kan?"

"Haaa...tapi mak ngan ayah gi umrah tau..lame da kami teghingin nak umrah bulan puase kat sane..bukan senang nak dapat! Jadinye, takde sape le di Terengganu, mak nak kamu..."

"Ikut skali? bole jugak!"

The level of euphoria suddenly gushed up. Damn, this is better!

"Hangguk kamu! Kamu ade duit ke? Jangan nak peghasan..Kamu balik umah abang kamu di Johor"





Down sampai subuh.

My brother is going to pick me up within this week. Head to Kangkar Pulai then.

Hate this life. But on the positive side, I got the chance to visit Jasin town and it's Bazaar amadhan. Daman miss it so much.

And I bought Ayam Percik Bangsar !!!! Those from Malacca will know this. Its good...Its damn good, damn delicious, damn scrumptious, damn sedak nok mapuh!... I have been longing this chicken for 2 years!

God really have His own way.

P/s; Salam Ramadhan to all readers and visitors. May this month be the month of barakah and salvation from hell.