Friday, September 19, 2008

A pair of eyes

Well, there is nothing much to be talked bout this week, as life goes on as usual, where i finally decided to take Econs instead of Physics, which (my choice) was greeted by a broad smile by Pn Siti Mariyam. I dunno wether all the yawning and sleepy-ness in d class is because of myself or it is just the Dewan Nazak (Razak Hall) to be blamed. In this case, praying that Anuar wud recover soon is the best solution. Now he can walk a lil bit, but he barely can climb those Hogwarts-like stairs of KMS.

This Ramadhan wasnt like last year, where i was quite often in "bringing the nite alive". however, this time, only the first half month, was filled with recitation of the Furqan, while others just filled with nothing. As my econs teacher always said, time is our worst enemy as an IB student. I couldnt agree more. My eyes also are my worst enemy now. One of the worst enemIES of course. they just started to feel itchy at 230pm. and they just stay close until 5 or 6 in the evening. And if i dun force them to close themselves before 130am, they will start to feel itchy again, with the lullaby voice all over in the magnificent Nazak Hall.

He (pronounced as "hair"), one of my best companion here told me to train myself to sleep late, so that my body wud adapt to the situation, just the same advice from Blankcore, where he said that I shud set my own optimum sleeping time. His is from 1am to 5am. Nodding at him, I was thinking about his advice.

Well, thinking bout it is one thing, but creating reality is another thing. Maybe it is because Leman who choosed dentistry as his course. Maybe it is because of the Pakcik Lahuma who choosed not to sell at saturday nite. Maybe it is because of the outspoken Makcik DS who always shout to scold the students to not to be choosy when chicken is the meal served that day. Maybe it is because the Ramadhan requires me to wake up early to have my sahur. Maybe it is all because of the Nazak Hall, where every teacher's voices create the sleeping mood, not to mention the lullaby voices around. Or maybe it is just because of myself, who like to make excuses instead of solving the real problem.

p/s: I always remembered, when my dad used to be so sarcastic when i was "young", where subuh prayer was always became a burden for me as it was so hard to wake me up, where he always said ; "tubuh je besar, nok lawan dengan mata sepasang pon payah!"


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Allahumma laka sumtu

Here am I, at the front of the KMS co-op in a freezing sunday morning where every single person should be lying on their bed or buried in their books. the dilemma to make a choice between physics and econs still linger in my mind till a few moments ago when i finally told myself; "persetankan semua itu!!"

last nite was a heartthrobbing moment. my friends n I, together with several IB seniors decided to break our fast at the nearby foodstall at Bazar Ampangan, where variety of food just that shud make everybodies mouth to water, somehow, did not make mine. Since my friend bought apam balik, i bought a nice roti john. we broke our fast as soon as the adhan was called, then get few bites, before we few of us went to nearby Giant ampangan to pray, and head back to the stall, and finish my exteremely shocking large USA Fried Rice. We end our feast with a quite lousy and boring match between Liverpool and Man U. well, EPL never get so much excited unless Arsenal is in the field =) however, at the end of the match, it was a fortunate to me as before we head to the Ampangan, i had already thought to wear my ManU jersy, and somehow I just ignored the idea. Very fortunate actually.

We have a couple of rounds at the bazaar again before heading back to KMS, where i saw a hawker selling brain-brain (otak-otak), where the line "persetankan semua otak-otak itu!!" appeared in my mind as the west cost otak-otak is just a piece of shit, compared to ours in the east coast. then we move separately as our senior walked first as my friend need to deal with the ATM machine. We then continue our long but short journey to our beloved KMS, where we met again our senior, all of them were having a discussion at the Medan Selera Penghulu Cantek, and they called us to join them.

The story was, our Fellow Chief Ustaz Sofi was waiting at the gate at that time, to arrest those who return after 7pm, which is unallowed by the college. A bunch of Alevels students had been arrested according to our senior. after a long discussion, we finally agreed to climb the fence as Ustaz Sofi was waiting the the Gate B. Then, we work as what that had been agreed, and that plan worked perfectly, with my adrenaline rushing out, my sweats were bathing me, n my heart was thumping heavily, before i finally arrived in my comfortable and cozy room.

I cant really believe what i did, the feeling and the sensation was just as much as the day I climb the water storage tank in TGB, where i felt like a ninja, an FBI agent, a CIA member, or be one of the Geng Otai Blok F MRSM TGB member!! well, as I was lying down to cool my body, my mind were still at the bazaar, with the Otak-otak seller. I still remember the last Ramadhan in TGB, where there was a small bazaar in the school compund, where Malacaan otak-otak was the student's favourite.

The memories of breaking fast in TGB were playing around in my exhausted mind, and I started to smile in tiredness. I remember, that we used to seat at the so called MB (meja bulat) or the round table, where Bob, Azrul, Hairman, Wan, and I always sat together to break our fast. I was the only one that always arrived when the adhan was called, and I remember Bob said; "lambak sokmo dio ni" and Azrul once said; "ko memang mandi lama eh?". I remember that the Brain-brain was always on our table. I remember that Waan Fook was the only person that will finish last, although he ate first than me and he will always said; "babi..aku last lagi syial..". I remember that we always divide our duty to send those plates and jug and plastic bags and wrappers off to the bin or the big basin. I remember the DS worker, the one that we called her; Mak Cik DS Yg Bg Ayam Untuk Orang Bukak Posa, where she was the one who suggest to Bob to put his taik idung to his ketimbik.

I smiled.
I smiled.
I smiled.
Lots of memories came flashing in my mind after that.
Lots of them.
And all of them were memories.
Where they will always keep us smile.
Where they will forever be a memories.
Where they will never happens again.
Where they will always be remebered
Where they will always be in my heart.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Sequel of the Unpredictable Future

idup ak lagi best..kalkulator yg diwajibkan beli berharga rm460 tu rupe2nye xleh gune paper 1 maths n paper 1 chem....ape ke sngal punye IBO...

btw..ak dberi plihan, untuk amek physic atau econs...klu econs, ak terhad untuk g univrsity ramaiah n manipal ..both kelolaan klu graduate, ak dpt sijil Manipal die akan try gak bg sijil india..kire mungkin dpt 2 sijil la..itu pun klu dpt fly n abes degree..lg satu.. ramaiah favours four students from MSU foundation..Manipal plak bg 50 tmpat je untuk plajar msia..kire x secure la tmpat..haiz..ak pon xtau pe yg sial sgt MARA ni..

klu ak amek physic plak, ak dpt pluang untuk masuk Uni2 laen kat india, n sememangnya uni2 tu antara yg top2 gak la kat sana n malah kat dunia yg bangangnye, ak tersangat lah lemah ngan physic..ak bukan cam seha, ske physic n de chemistry ngan physic teacher..ak tersangatlah nyampah ngan physic..walopon cume Physic standard Level (phsyic SL), tp die punye core pon da susah..ckgu ckp kesusahan die 2/3 dr physic higher level (physic HL) mcm wan amek...topik core HL n SL same, yg beza cume aditional topik yg HL kne amek..ak wat bandingan ngan bio, subjek yg ak minat n ckgu pon da bomb bagus, die punye core mmg topik spm tp deeper, n deeper die tu pun ak da cungap..itu bio! subjek yg ak minat..dengan cikgu bio ak yg semamngnye bagus tahap gaban..klu physic? dengan cikgu yg baru je lepas interview nk ngajor IB..pempuan lak tu..haiz.. wallahualam...

cikgu bio n econs ak mcm suro ak amek econs..member ak pon mcm tu mmg byk yg bunyi nk amek physic..sme pasal xnk dpt sijil MSU n nk secure places kat india...cikgu bio ak tunjuk result budak KMB dlu yg die ajar..paling bodo dapt 38...sedangkan kat KMS 38 da jd tere gile da..die push ak suro achieve 40 n above..highest is 45..nk pkir2, btol gak..apsal org len bole ak xle..klu dpt 40 n above..ak qualify untuk g UK n ireland mahupun maths kne 6 la..maths nk dpt 5 pon payah...btol gak ckp ckgu aku..drpd ak rissau amek physic, bek ak amek econs yg rileks siket n fokus maths..

tp itupun klu ak berupaya dapat 40..mara nk 35point je untuk membolehkan aku klu nk secure tmpat untuk g india (yg sememangnya ak nk gi india n da jatuhh ati ngan india)..just get good points! haiz..ak pon xtau la..maths ak sangat terumbang-ambing..
ni aku cite pasal fly2 ni..macam la terjamin dpt fly..ak hanya akan dapat fly klu dapat 35point..haiz..kata senior, nk dpt 30 pon susah..mangkuk hayun betol..sbelom ak masuk sini..makcik2 aku..jiran2 aku..jemaah surau aku..orang2 kampung aku..sme da tau ak NK GI INDIA N NK AMEK MEDIC!!! padahal ntah dpt fly ke x..ntah dapt amek medic ke x..haiz..sedihnye hidup ak ni..nilah hidup ak sekarang

~~copied the recent post in discussion in the friendster group "the 506 kitchen"~~


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unpredictable Future

THE words of dr noraini and puan shima is still buzing in my head. it is time to decide, wether to take physic and drop econs, or continue wif the econs and ignore the bloody horrifying physics, or to take them both. the advantage of taking physics is i got higher chance of getting placement in other real Indian universities, rather than Manipal n Ramaiah which is conducted by the malaysian MSU. Polish and Checzh Unis also craves for physics, if i intend to go there. continuing econs and ignoring physics makes much differences, i dun hav to bother bout this hateful subject and continue wif my interesting econ classes. however, if that is my choice, i will only get two option, Manipal n Ramaiah, which is not yet secured as those 2 bloody unis might not be providing enuff places for Malaysian students.

However, all this things only works if i manage to get 35points and above ONLY!! It is really difficult to decide wether to take physics or not as my maths are way terrible than other students. Damn the Maths HL. I want to take medic just because i hate maths and physics and now I am required to take both???? I felt like i was cheated and it really makes me want to swear out loud. =(

the imagination of the word "up to you" coming from my parents' mouth has already lingered in my long-undefragmented brain. For sure that will be the first line they are going to say. However, I will ring them soon after i finish posting my new post in my blog, which read by a future-prosperous-human-gonna-be . (insyaAllah!)

This quite-suprising news were hailed by various kind of reaction. some screamed. some smiled. some laughed. some laughed with crinkles filling their foreheads. some even talked bout leaving IB. some also has put a threat to do a "mogok lapar" during the day. some suggested to join the Tindikan and become Alau's classmate. some just shut their mouth. some yelled at everybody to shut their mouth.

And some just ask the guidance from their Creator.
I did that.
and I will keep doing that.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Someday is everyday

It was horribly tiring last weekend when I decided to attend the reunion of MRSM TGB 06/7. the train, the midvalley, the road, the taxi was packed like sardines as it was 30th august, a day before the celebration of the National Day, which was celebrated way grand than the 1st day of Ramadhan on the 1st september. I met many of my ex-schoolmate and i fellt very happy as it has been long time since we were still be the so called TGBrianz. However, as the sun says gudbye, my leg started to kill me. felt like it can no longer support my bodyweight which was and is not suitable to use the term "light" to become the adjective. the same thing happened to Wajidi's and thats the time where we decided together with Fikri to call it a day.

I spent my Merdeka Nite in my beloved Blok Farabi here in Kolej MARA Seremban where its inmate were half there at that nite as many of them choosed to go back home. The boredom was almost not felt by any me due to the extereme tiredness and also a fascinating fireworks soaring to the beautiful Seremban sky at the strike of midnight, which was cheerfully hailed with a stand applaud and loud cheer of MERDEKA!!!! . I enjoy watching it from hostel with my other friends, where we kept shouting MERDEKA!! and also other words like mentega, pendekar, kalendar, sependar and lots of other long and unmemorised craps.

the next day was filled with homeworks and lab reports. I manage to cop extra Zs as I suffer the syndrome which the Malays called it excess Vitamin M. The next week was filled with uncomprehensible maths class, challenging biology class, heartthrobing chemistry class, and also the tarawikh prayer, where i always found my mind flew to other places rather than to be inside of his handsome, charming, pious, and outstanding master's head.

what a week!