Friday, May 29, 2009

Habis sudeyh

One week of torture has finally ended!
Just pray for the best

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just like Mandela and Gandhi

Leaders that suffers for their cause.
p/s; Err...not sure for the third man, but he said so..LOLz

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Long Winding Road

It is a very normal thing to be found sleeping like a dead person at Friday evening after the Friday prayer. And it is very abnormal to disobey such homogeneity, which, had been purposely committed by me last Friday.

After a long walk to Masjid Ampangan, only later to found that we the prayer had finish before we even manage to hear the dua’ recitation, we jump into the bus provided, together with other college mates, pretending like nothing had ever happened.

The long walk and our dear motherland’s climate had really tortured us, exhausted us body, mind and soul. A long sleep would be a remarkably well-agreed activity to do after facing all this madness.

However, a life of an IB student is never a bed of roses.

There is EE questionnaire to be drafted. Perhaps, seeking Pn Siti for advice would be a good action.

There also works to do regarding my Entrepreneurship Club as we are selling those mountains of old newspapers to the middleman that evening. The money will be used to fund our batch’s charity project in Kg Bayai in Jempol.

There are two lab reports to be handed in next week, biology and chemistry. The former had been procrastinated for a week, and the latter would require a full undivided attention.

I am not stupid as I am fully aware that my problems with Maths are getting worse and need an immediate aid. As the exam is around the corner, practices and exercises would be the most right stuffs to be cared about.

There are another 2 chapters in Meniti Senja and 45 chapters in Lagak Wasangka that should be finished within the next week. Watching Kiera Knightley in Pride and Prejudice would be really helpful only if you finish reading the novel in order to clearly understand the story.

As all things under the sun will come out in our Biol Lagi paper for this semester, a well-planned intensive revision should be carried out. This measure would be indeed being taken on other subjects, especially Chem Misery, MADmatics, and Ekor Nomy. The exam is just a fortnight to go.

Ussually, out of the 6 compulsory subjects that I took, only those 4 that I mention in the previous paragraph that usually yearn for my attention and affection. However, for this semester, another subject should be added in the list – Malay A1.

All the problems had been properly laid out, and the future of these problems is forever in grey and remains unpredictable.

Now, there comes another problem.

How should I get all these shit taken care of within two weeks?