Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Woke up at the strike of noon, I irritated my sister again as I already promised her to make kebab for our breakfast. And I have already broke my promise since yesterday. Perhaps I will fulfill it tomorrow.

Actually my mother has already woke me up a few hours earlier, asking me to buy potatoes. Well, get my hair wet a lil bit, wash my face, and off to Kedai Runcit Embak with my bike, and shout “Ketang skelo!” to my dear Embak, pay RM2.50, and rode back to home and off to bed again!

Today my lunch was superb! Mak made bergedel daging masak kicap! Owh! No wonder she asked me to buy potatoes. I ate my brunch (breakfast+lunch) with a smile, munching every juicy begedel on the dish plate, indulging each of my taste buds.

For the first time in this holiday, I finally eat something that is called home-made food. One may expect that the youngest child like me will be pampered and treated like king whenever back home. One might expect that my mom will cook the best for me.

Well, my case is a lil bit different. The first dinner at home after months of Baccalaureating is McD. The next day lunch was instant noodle, which I made it for my mom and I. Dinner that night was Hentam Sajalah Fried Rice by Chef Hosni. Lunch the very next day was catfish (bought), and the dinner is Spaghetti Mushroom + garlic bread, also by Chef Hosni. Yesterday lunch was sotong bakar and telur dadar, also by Chef Hosni, and for dinner, I ate Roti Tempayan, (bought at a night market nearby).

May be it sounds pathetic, but I think it is interesting to cook for your family. My mom always counts on me to cook for the family rather than counting on my sister, who is as lazy as Garfield. For Chinese, food symbolizes wealth. Food means prosperity and fortune. Every grain of rice, every piece of meat, every drops of oil, every packet of flour, should be cherished. Something I agree on with them.

Family is a group of strangers that are with you since your first breath. Whether you realize or not, you are what your family are. They influence you in many ways in your life. They gave a lot to you and they are still giving. In appreciation, give something to them back.

We live by what we get and we enjoy it by what we give.

Life is once. Appreciate it. Appreciate whatever in you have in your life.

This is Lord Hosni the Wise. If you are reading this, you are the Resistant.



DaNiaL FOo said...

Whenever you drink water from the well, remember the ones that dug it up....

Its an old chinese saying which I believe if you live by it, you will be prosperous...

By the way, what you said about chinese see food as a symbol of wealth, they actually looking at your body size!!! Hahahaha....

Therefore, the bigger you are, the more prosperous you will be....hahaha

Syazwan Harun said...

macD yahudi kottttttttt!!!!

bLaDe said...

'Food means prosperity'
cip3...patot la bos nampak 'makmur' je..koh3

pja_chan said...

boikot2 mcD!!

haha~ jeles arh ngn bi ko.
em, ak salute ar. ak pon xmasak kat umah weh. cane nak kawen nih???

Imran said...

pergh. aku yg dok mesir sniri pown x reti2 lagi masak. maner x nyer. tiap ari makan kat luar. ahhahahahahha

Imran said...
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bawangmerah said...

aku rasa entri kau kali ni citer pasal MAKAN je kooottt

nurulfana said...

aku berase sungguh inferior

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

dan foo;
fortunately..i am not chinese...i can see that u are VERY prosperous..kui3

waan fook;
yes..i just a break after months of boycotting..felt so guilty until today.. I will continue boycotting!!

thank look prosperous too..ngehehe

jealousy spawn hatred, hatred create war..repnt, and turn away from the darkness, son...

u are medic student, ur bz life forbids u from cooking...i understand..

u can judge anything on earth as anything on earth can judge u...

there is no need of that... just keep idolising me..

amyrah said...

nak bgedel tuh jugak!!
hm..ktorg kt sini klo malas just goreng ayam byk2 trus
leh la tahan seminggu kot =p

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

kitorang klu malas kitorg beli je..tahan sejam..

EtDominion said...

"Baccalaureating". Good word. I like it. xD 11 more months of Baccalaureating to go!

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

of course..
everybody wud like it..
cuz i created it..ngehehehe