Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bangung Awa Gop

It has been nearly a week since the holiday started, yet, none of the assignments are completed. In fact, I haven’t touched anything. Woke up everyday at the strike of noon, make me hate myself very much.

I have work out a schedule so that I can finish all my assignments in time, alas; I left 4 days allocated for lab reports just like that.

I have copied lots of movies so that I can watch during the holiday, alas, I have watched only 2 of them. However, watching Forest Gump recently was very interesting for me. I have watched this movie countless number of time in my life, yet, I never tired of watching it again and again.

Nevertheless, I managed to watched a documentary about Mahathir on The History Channel last night. Yes, the white men made a documentary about a Malay. Thoughts and faces began wandering in my mind. Mahathir, Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz, Haji Hadi, Abuya Ashaari. Wonder what will happen if all of them are in the cabinet.

I have also brought several books back home, and also managed to buy Rahsia Arqam written by Ann Wan Seng at the Kedai Buku Banggol down town, yet, I haven’t finish any of them. Not to mention Atap Genting Atap Rumbia and Trem Bernama Desire.

I have lots of things in my mind that I want to write in my blog. I even thought of the titles for few articles that I wish to write this holiday for my blog. Yet, I haven’t started to write any of them.

What have I achieved for this almost a week of holiday?


These remind me of the character Jenny in the Forest Gump. I know it is a 1994 movie, but I like it.

“Run, Forest, run!”



bawangmerah said...

"my name is forest. forest gump. my mama always says - life's like a box of chocolate"

aku paling ingat dialog ni

Iskandar said...

Hahaha, sama. Siap ada timetable gak. Starting to fall behind the timetable that I set for myself. =X

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

hahaha..aku ske gak dialog die introduce himself..accent alabama sgt menarek!

wow, this is ur first time leaving cooment. thank you. I made the timetable bcuz I saw u made 1..hahahahahaha

-miyn- said...

article pasal documentari tu masuk dalam the star dulu..

it was made by a malaysian, not mat salleh..

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

brape zaman sudah anda tiada menapak disini?

well, it goes to history channel though

Anonymous said...

yxme n ? sr 35