Tuesday, August 10, 2010

International Monetary System

"....There is only one country in the MUSLIM world today, only ONE, that seems to understood that the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM IS FRAUDULENT. only one leader and he is DR MAHATHIR OF MALAYSIA..."

"...Hanya ada SATU negara di DUNIA ISLAM hari ini, hanya SATU, yang nampaknya faham bahwa SISTEM KEWANGAN ANTARABANGSA ialah satu PENIPUAN. Hanya seorang pemimpin sahaja, dan beliau ialah DR MAHATHIR DARI MALAYSIA...."

-Sheikh Imran Hossein-

This lecture by Sheikh Imran Hossein is very insightful and eye-opening. Keep-vid them and listen to them during your free time. It may give you an insight look to the real situation on what is happening to the current economic state. Available in Malay subtitle (the second video). Twelve parts altogether.


farizmokti said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing.

Mana semua bahagian? Youtube ada semua?

This kind of lecture is interesting and besides, his voice has the same tone with Rowan Atkinson!

lordhosni said...

u can find lots of his lectures in youtube...bahagian lain kena cari sendiri la..

sheikh imran hossein is a rising figure now...u can wiki him

i only watch atkinson in his mr bean series, which happens to be dialog-less...LOL