Monday, August 23, 2010

KHB, Ceramah Badar, & Ayuslina


This week is a hell of a busy week, tho its not over yet. The Form 3s have just finished their Trial Papers and I heard quite a good news for my subject; Kemahiran Hidup. But then, the joy was quickly vanished when the lady from the Academic Department say that not a single penny will be used to pay for three sets of PMR Model Paper that i gave to the students.

Just imagine 120 students times 6 cents. What a ridiculous policy! I then learnt then private school means "sekolah persendirian", not "sekolah kaya".

Supervising a group of students selling stuffs during Ceramah Badar. Too bad it was raining cats and dogs. Yet, they manage to earn profits tho a minuscule one. Hope this could be a pioneering step for these young lads to be an ENTREPRENEUR.

MARA forms and agreements has just arrived. We spent nearly an hour on Skype, conferencing on how to fill up those bloody papers. Each night after that, my ass and hands went cramp filling those shits. Fortunately those shits are my future. If not, I wont give a damn.

Now there comes more problems. Have to be in KL on 30th August and 6th September. I also have to be in Malacca on 4th August. Fortunately there are a night bus ticket from KL to Kuala Terengganu on 6th. Otherwise I will ride on Ayuslina's back, lashing her to carry me all the way to Kuala Terengganu.

It is even more fortunate that I have friends that are willing to shelter me there in KL and Malacca. The trip was not yet planned but the rough ideas are there. I hate crashing their hospitality, yet I am not strong enough to sleep under bridges or roadsides. What more during this fasting month.

Thats all the ramblings. Will be posting a more decent entry (this time about my experience as a teacher) when time permits. Thank you for wasting your time here.

Happy sahuring, fasting, breaking, quran reciting, terawihing, qiyaming and other amal-ing.

Tingkatkan pahala, jauhi neraka. Renung-renungkan dan selamat Beramal~

p/s: Food for thoughts - Everybody do sins. The difference is how big it is, how far we know that it is wrong, and how shame are we at it.



abeih said...

"Otherwise I will ride on Ayuslina's back, lashing her to carry me all the way to Kuala Terengganu."

I like that..hahaha

bawangmerah said...

datang melaka? yay!

petite girl said...

hahahahhaha.kalau cik ayuslina bace ur blog.ur r dead:P budak kmb juniors kena daftar diorg nye blog.crappp:P

EtDominion said...

Hahaha. Daftar blog?

Btw Ciko, I agree with the last sentence that you wrote.

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

i like that too.


That is bloody crap. Why do they want our blog anyway? This is an infringement to the student's privacy!

yes, then it will lead to another questions.

How much do we regret it? And to what extent is our respond in easing the guilty feeling?