Saturday, April 4, 2009

Seminar Pengurusan Industri Halal Nasional

Alone in room 216 of the magnificent Nazak Building of KMS, make me realise how exhausted I am.

I just got back from Malacca to attend the Seminar Pengurusan Industri Hal Nasional in Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC) in the very hall that we used to have the grand dinner for our batch.

The name of the seminar was so gempak. It took us 20 minutes in the hall to realise that the gempakness of the name was a hoax as the seminar only have meaning for real entrepeneurs! Not a bunch of bloody college guys selling kerepok lekor once a forthnight!

As the seminar was held in the conjuction with the Karnival Halal at the very same building, most of us take the oppurtunity to save our life from being bored to death by leaving the hall one by one and pleasure ourselves with the foods available at the bazaar. Being a food lover, I grab this lifetime chance to eat all the free foods and drinks from about a hundred booths there.

"Amek la ni"

"Try la makan ni dik, sedap ni.."

" air rossele bang"

Smiles were carved on our faces whenever those lines reach our ear. With pleasure, many foods and drinks had been happily dumped into our stomach and we were bloated by those free try-this-one foods!! Damn! That was better than the seminar. Haha, at least we can eat and walk and drink and walk and drink and eat and walk!~

We tried almost all the free foods and drinks there. We even try the Losyen Pati Lintah Gunung on our hand. All the urat-urat (veins) of my hand became clearly visible after that!

Ngeh ngeh ngeh...

Imagine what will happen when we apply on the right part~ Ouff!! Few "for-man-only" jokes with the booth guy left us roaring in laughter.

Not much battery left.
Lazy to write summore..
Well, if i have time, i'll continue this.



Lily Cartina said...

brape .kg berat badan demo naik pas make supo gile tu??

Imran said...

patut arr berat nek...hahahha

pja_chan said...

ak dapat bayangkan muka bahagia ko ketika dpt makan free sume tuh!
waaa kan bes klu ak brada di situ bsama anda hoho

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

tarak timbang lg la..nnt da tmbang ak btau..

err...boleh jadi jugak..

alah..nnt ko de nnt srabut je sound2 ak..wakaka

cik siti penguin said...

free food samples always bring a smile to my face XD