Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rotijohn 14:2

“For God so love the world, till He gives His only begotten Son, and whomsoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have an everlasting life.”

The (Un)Holy Bible, King James Version. John 3:16

“For College so short of money, till She sent Her every student home on the CNY break, and whomsoever live faraway, shall not stay, but have a street life.”

The Boletahan Holy Bible, Lord Hosni Version. Rotijohn 14:2

Chinese New Year is around the corner. There are rumours saying that the college will be totally closed and all students are required to go back home, or somewhere else. This thing has never come out from Abang Ikhwan’s mouth, nor Abang Tamam’s . Neither Akak Shima’s.

The probability of such frightening thing to happen is quite high. The very night this news was announced by an MPP, we, the faraway-ers have a serious discussion. All of us suddenly admit that we have 3 relatives in Seremban. Aunt Ju, Aunt Sarina, and Aunt Siti.

Those who lives nearby seems reluctant to shelter us. Leman still insist of us bringing tents if we are to stay in his place. Taicho insist of a trip to Bayai. But I have to send her on Sunday night. She’s leaving for Melbourne and I really want to see her for the last time.

Living in somebody else’s house would be inappropriate as her ticket is at night, so in-and-out of somebody else’s house at our wish is a manner-less attitude. Syaqif offers help and so does Madam Ju.

Being interviewed by the Liverpool’s yesterday, I was asked for my SPM certificate. I don’t have it. Now come another problem. I have to get my SPM certificate on this CNY break. Going to ring the old Tun Ghafar Baba this Monday. Wonder how will day have their holiday.



farizmok said...

Holy scriptures and religious texts are somewhat inspiring with the words used.

But, I am really interested with your bible version. It seems that yours would have different type of Gods which I admire most. Take the Greek gods as an example.

The usage of Her,He,She,His makes it more interesting.

If anything happens to you on a short notice. Try be a hermit and squatter around. Something cool might come out in your head eh?


Lord Hosni the Wise said...


yes, and of the bibles, i personally like the King James version. I like the language.

of English translation of Koran, i personally like d one translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali. His language is beautiful.

and the usage of She is just because my college's principal is a female.

desperate times indeed explores the creative side of a man. well, man need some kind of wacky essence to success eh..