Saturday, January 30, 2010

Of Bo'liang and Babikioq

Bo’liang is actually a Sik-ish word, which was introduced by Lord Hosni in his attempt to speak in Kedahan with one of his pets- Anuar. It refers to a game where we roll a heavy ball in a lane to knock down as many pins on the other end of the lane. The Englishmen call it bowling.

Neither any of us but Safwan and Afi Kentot had good experience with this game, yet, we all decided to embark on a journey to Seremban Parade last Friday to discover our hidden talent in this costly game.

Lord Hosni managed to make a couple “strike”. Afiq as a first timer, had his “strike” the second moment he rolled the ball. It is perhaps a bad day for both of our dear Fikh and He'. Our lane was so loud and noisy, with its flamboyant members wearing ketayaps in roars of laughter. Everything was delightful except for the stinky smelly bowling shoes that we borrowed.

That very night, we had a babikioq, another Sik-ish word introduced by Lord Hosni, referring to the English word- barbeque. The recipe for the chicken marinade was Jidi’s. And it was scrumptious. Sausages and boiled clamps, chicken and mustard sauce, the foods were nothing but awesome.

We even took a bunch of DS buttercakes and grill it. Those too were appetizing. Remy showed us how a burning steel wool can turn to a magnificent firework. Yet, it can be dangerous in the hands of the Rengitians and Bajaus.

The main event was the camp fire circle. We all faced the camp fire and played a game called “categorising people”. It was game, popular back in my good old days in TGB, where we used to name ugly girls from each class. The game continues as the category changes to “the hottest ass-ed”, “the most bitchy”, “the most hated” and other awful categories, which I am so ashamed to share them.

We, IB students and grown-ups, have no interest in playing such immoral game. But the game continued as we categorised the guys from each classes! This is the part where the host was accused of being gay for almost 40 times.

Leman, pian, siddiq, afiq, fikhri, nash, mamat, he’, blade,taicho, remy, hafiz, zurin, shaz, abe, wawan, isyam, nuar, arep, bagong, zaki, jidi, hazman, afi, roni and me. (wish i include all) what a good time we had, with friendship and family spirit in the atmosphere.

Well, in spite of these terrible days, we certainly had a good laugh that night. The happiness and togetherness, the pleasure and the exhilaration, the joy and the glee, the cheerfulness and the contentment, it yet was the most delightful night in my colourful journey here in Seremban.

The babikioq ended as the flame goes off and the doTA is calling. All stuffs was packed up and cleaned. Everyone helps. And toghether we all walk back to Farabi, grinning to a grey and unpredictable future. Everything is back to normal again.

p/s: Pictures of us playing bo'liang is not yet uploaded. It is just a matter of time.


bLaDe said...


EtDominion said...

mengumpat! :P

::aku budak baru belajar:: said...

kosch jeles..!

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

gay is the way...freedom!

its not mengumpat, its telling stories!

yah..tu la sapa suro balik

オテモヤン said...


Lord Hosni the Wise said...

ko igt ak x tau pe ko ckp???

Lily Cartina said...

ko bile describe makanan menang champion.
smpai aku pun terliur.

Lily Cartina said...

ko bile describe makanan menang champion.
smpai aku pun terliur.