Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oblong Kambing, Cheese, and Accepted

It is now 1.30 in the morning. I am indulging myself with mutton oblong-shaped burger. This is heaven. Good delicious food. With extra 1.50 riyar for cheese to be added. Mutton-lover will envy me for their whole life. This is damn good. Beyond words. Yummy.

I got a very good reason for not feeling guilty of eating after midnight. Yes, I am exhausted after revising Stats. Thanks to Dawa, I didn’t have to creep inch by inch to understand and comprehend those bloody shittos, though my speed was nothing in comparison with the snails.

Fed up with those questions, I decided to pack my stuffs and head back to my room. I walked together with my friends. One of them is a Christian. She is a Protestant who takes oath by the King James Bible. We passed by a class which had its lights and fans all switch on, yet there was nobody in it. So as she passed by the switches, she turned them off.

Seeing that, I said to her, “You know, in the Koran, there is a verse that says; Most certainly, the act of wasting is in relatives to (is that of) the Satans.”

“Yes, I know – Wasting is an act of Satan – I remember it to spice up my SPM essay.”

This irony makes me wonder about the real purpose of our education system, and where is it going. Asking myself this question, I remember a movie by the title of “Accepted”. In this 2006 movie, an old man was asked to disguise as the dean of a hoax university, to meet the main character’s parents.

So he pop-up the same question, which he later answer it;

“To create students who can get themselves a good job in the market with a good starting salary.”

After all, we are living in a capitalist world, aren’t we?



emy said...

so, are you saying, by getting a degree or PhD is only to channel this people into employee market? thats no different than a servant only with salaries ehh??

Lord Hosni the Wise said...

for the main reason, yes...

employment market plays a big role in influencing students for the choices in education...