Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Desires and Finite Resources

Crushing or liking a girl, in this adolescence age, is not something unnatural for male Homo sapiens. The reverse has no exclusion. Derived from both testosterone and progesterone, secreted to maintain the sex drive and the natural characteristic of this unique gender, this feeling will eventually lead to the growth and the survival of the human population.

In a very awkward way, this feeling will always cause the feeler to think about his or her crush, hoping to know what she or he is doing. This usually leaves the feeler pressing buttons for a pathetic text message, desperately hoping that it will lead to a decent conversation. This is the courtship phase, or as the French said it as “taing-taing ngejah”.

For those who already have their own partner or soul mate, the yearn for a simple update is not difficult. You just ask for it. How are you, have you dine, do you miss me, I miss you, I love you, you love me, we are a happy family, wait, this sounds like the purple barney song eh? Stupid yet cheering and comforting. If you experience this, you are in the second phase - maintenance phase. The French call it “tengoh ggewe”.

The “tengoh ggewe” phase is always a good reason behind a cold and empty pocket. This is where the relationship with friends began to deteriorate. Our desperation for money will induce all sorts of idea to save or generate money, even to take advantages of our friend’s liability, or re-allocating huge sum of money, for “awek” instead of “membo”.

The situation worsens if one experience both phases at once. Not only the money deplete as quick as a dessert storm, one will not be able to focus to any of his or her target, leading to a fall in the performance for both academic and social aspect. One who is trapped in such condition is never a winner. Obviously stupid, this unfortunate group need helps in making up their mind as well as a quick lecture on relationship and post relationship diplomacy.

The maintenance phase is even more complicated if it is a long-distances’. Different schedule or ground compound are limiting factors for a maximum satisfaction of getting whatever one pine for. The satisfaction in this context only concerns the feeling of excitement, joy and the glee of loving and being loved, of adoring and being adored, and of missing and being missed. What more if you live in different time zone. The only key to success is patience, understanding, and always keeps the relationship interesting.

Somewhat somehow, neither the writer nor the reader has the clear understanding of the underlying problems that they face. Indeed all of us know the tips and the tricks, but getting it done is not that easy. We can only pray for the best and keep fighting.

This is another pathetic story of a very pathetic group of society by the name of teenagers. The events will become a cycle and it will always move in a cycle. Some of the members might try alternatives, putting them in years and years of experiments. They will learn. One day.

“Fair in the eyes of men for the love of things they covet; womens and sons, heaped up hoards of golds and silvers, horses branded, and cattle and well-tilled land. These are the joy of this world’s life, but verily, at the side of Allah is where we return.”

(Holy Koran 3 : 14)


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