Saturday, September 13, 2008

Allahumma laka sumtu

Here am I, at the front of the KMS co-op in a freezing sunday morning where every single person should be lying on their bed or buried in their books. the dilemma to make a choice between physics and econs still linger in my mind till a few moments ago when i finally told myself; "persetankan semua itu!!"

last nite was a heartthrobbing moment. my friends n I, together with several IB seniors decided to break our fast at the nearby foodstall at Bazar Ampangan, where variety of food just that shud make everybodies mouth to water, somehow, did not make mine. Since my friend bought apam balik, i bought a nice roti john. we broke our fast as soon as the adhan was called, then get few bites, before we few of us went to nearby Giant ampangan to pray, and head back to the stall, and finish my exteremely shocking large USA Fried Rice. We end our feast with a quite lousy and boring match between Liverpool and Man U. well, EPL never get so much excited unless Arsenal is in the field =) however, at the end of the match, it was a fortunate to me as before we head to the Ampangan, i had already thought to wear my ManU jersy, and somehow I just ignored the idea. Very fortunate actually.

We have a couple of rounds at the bazaar again before heading back to KMS, where i saw a hawker selling brain-brain (otak-otak), where the line "persetankan semua otak-otak itu!!" appeared in my mind as the west cost otak-otak is just a piece of shit, compared to ours in the east coast. then we move separately as our senior walked first as my friend need to deal with the ATM machine. We then continue our long but short journey to our beloved KMS, where we met again our senior, all of them were having a discussion at the Medan Selera Penghulu Cantek, and they called us to join them.

The story was, our Fellow Chief Ustaz Sofi was waiting at the gate at that time, to arrest those who return after 7pm, which is unallowed by the college. A bunch of Alevels students had been arrested according to our senior. after a long discussion, we finally agreed to climb the fence as Ustaz Sofi was waiting the the Gate B. Then, we work as what that had been agreed, and that plan worked perfectly, with my adrenaline rushing out, my sweats were bathing me, n my heart was thumping heavily, before i finally arrived in my comfortable and cozy room.

I cant really believe what i did, the feeling and the sensation was just as much as the day I climb the water storage tank in TGB, where i felt like a ninja, an FBI agent, a CIA member, or be one of the Geng Otai Blok F MRSM TGB member!! well, as I was lying down to cool my body, my mind were still at the bazaar, with the Otak-otak seller. I still remember the last Ramadhan in TGB, where there was a small bazaar in the school compund, where Malacaan otak-otak was the student's favourite.

The memories of breaking fast in TGB were playing around in my exhausted mind, and I started to smile in tiredness. I remember, that we used to seat at the so called MB (meja bulat) or the round table, where Bob, Azrul, Hairman, Wan, and I always sat together to break our fast. I was the only one that always arrived when the adhan was called, and I remember Bob said; "lambak sokmo dio ni" and Azrul once said; "ko memang mandi lama eh?". I remember that the Brain-brain was always on our table. I remember that Waan Fook was the only person that will finish last, although he ate first than me and he will always said; "babi..aku last lagi syial..". I remember that we always divide our duty to send those plates and jug and plastic bags and wrappers off to the bin or the big basin. I remember the DS worker, the one that we called her; Mak Cik DS Yg Bg Ayam Untuk Orang Bukak Posa, where she was the one who suggest to Bob to put his taik idung to his ketimbik.

I smiled.
I smiled.
I smiled.
Lots of memories came flashing in my mind after that.
Lots of them.
And all of them were memories.
Where they will always keep us smile.
Where they will forever be a memories.
Where they will never happens again.
Where they will always be remebered
Where they will always be in my heart.



Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

sori for all the spelling and grammar mistakes, terlepas pandang la..hehe

naura lalala said...

u see, i miss my moments bck in school too :)

Syasya Fickry said...

We end our feast with a quite lousy and boring match between Liverpool and Man U...

hello. bahasa baik sikit. lousy match? one of the best in epl history! u should have enjoyed it. arsenal. the game was superb even without torres!

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said... least the word "quite" is there..heheh

Syazwan Harun said...

i ate in a manner
not like you guys
thats why im always last
haha :D

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

haha..wuteva..damn miss that moment