Friday, September 19, 2008

A pair of eyes

Well, there is nothing much to be talked bout this week, as life goes on as usual, where i finally decided to take Econs instead of Physics, which (my choice) was greeted by a broad smile by Pn Siti Mariyam. I dunno wether all the yawning and sleepy-ness in d class is because of myself or it is just the Dewan Nazak (Razak Hall) to be blamed. In this case, praying that Anuar wud recover soon is the best solution. Now he can walk a lil bit, but he barely can climb those Hogwarts-like stairs of KMS.

This Ramadhan wasnt like last year, where i was quite often in "bringing the nite alive". however, this time, only the first half month, was filled with recitation of the Furqan, while others just filled with nothing. As my econs teacher always said, time is our worst enemy as an IB student. I couldnt agree more. My eyes also are my worst enemy now. One of the worst enemIES of course. they just started to feel itchy at 230pm. and they just stay close until 5 or 6 in the evening. And if i dun force them to close themselves before 130am, they will start to feel itchy again, with the lullaby voice all over in the magnificent Nazak Hall.

He (pronounced as "hair"), one of my best companion here told me to train myself to sleep late, so that my body wud adapt to the situation, just the same advice from Blankcore, where he said that I shud set my own optimum sleeping time. His is from 1am to 5am. Nodding at him, I was thinking about his advice.

Well, thinking bout it is one thing, but creating reality is another thing. Maybe it is because Leman who choosed dentistry as his course. Maybe it is because of the Pakcik Lahuma who choosed not to sell at saturday nite. Maybe it is because of the outspoken Makcik DS who always shout to scold the students to not to be choosy when chicken is the meal served that day. Maybe it is because the Ramadhan requires me to wake up early to have my sahur. Maybe it is all because of the Nazak Hall, where every teacher's voices create the sleeping mood, not to mention the lullaby voices around. Or maybe it is just because of myself, who like to make excuses instead of solving the real problem.

p/s: I always remembered, when my dad used to be so sarcastic when i was "young", where subuh prayer was always became a burden for me as it was so hard to wake me up, where he always said ; "tubuh je besar, nok lawan dengan mata sepasang pon payah!"



mamai said...

wake up ciko wake up!! hahaha!!
u're taking econs is it?? alaa.. no ciko in physics class.. sobs..
what hav ib done to u???

-miyn- said...

byk pulak org x amek physics ni..

aku nk tny sapa bila aku x pndai physics nnt? wuaaaa!!!

#yeah, regarding ur last comment on my post, yess, i laik it when u wrote in bm..

bukan ckp english x best, cuma bila dlm bm lebey lawak dan lebey mnarek..

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

mamai: mamai also in econs clas dy..sobs..btw..IB has turned me into ciko instead of hosni!!!

lorh..punyela sekian ramai umat yg amek physic..tanye la depa..hmm..sedeynye..ak prefer tulih dlm nnt ak luang sket mse tuli bm la..okeh?

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