Friday, September 5, 2008

Someday is everyday

It was horribly tiring last weekend when I decided to attend the reunion of MRSM TGB 06/7. the train, the midvalley, the road, the taxi was packed like sardines as it was 30th august, a day before the celebration of the National Day, which was celebrated way grand than the 1st day of Ramadhan on the 1st september. I met many of my ex-schoolmate and i fellt very happy as it has been long time since we were still be the so called TGBrianz. However, as the sun says gudbye, my leg started to kill me. felt like it can no longer support my bodyweight which was and is not suitable to use the term "light" to become the adjective. the same thing happened to Wajidi's and thats the time where we decided together with Fikri to call it a day.

I spent my Merdeka Nite in my beloved Blok Farabi here in Kolej MARA Seremban where its inmate were half there at that nite as many of them choosed to go back home. The boredom was almost not felt by any me due to the extereme tiredness and also a fascinating fireworks soaring to the beautiful Seremban sky at the strike of midnight, which was cheerfully hailed with a stand applaud and loud cheer of MERDEKA!!!! . I enjoy watching it from hostel with my other friends, where we kept shouting MERDEKA!! and also other words like mentega, pendekar, kalendar, sependar and lots of other long and unmemorised craps.

the next day was filled with homeworks and lab reports. I manage to cop extra Zs as I suffer the syndrome which the Malays called it excess Vitamin M. The next week was filled with uncomprehensible maths class, challenging biology class, heartthrobing chemistry class, and also the tarawikh prayer, where i always found my mind flew to other places rather than to be inside of his handsome, charming, pious, and outstanding master's head.

what a week!


mamai said...

so it was u yg mnjerit2 n kacau my beautiful sleep on merdeka nyte! haha!
heartthrobing chemistry class??
"where i always found my mind flew to other places rather than to be inside of his handsome, charming, pious, and outstanding master's head." <<-- xbley blah!!

-miyn- said...

hosni mmg hensem!

Eh, tak hensem, kiut saja...

and apakah dgn spendar tu? hahaha..

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

hehe..spe suro awal sgt tido..
btw miyn,
spendar tu diteriak pasal dekat2 bunyi merdeka..well..ask the other boys la..they knew better..kui3..korang x blk eh?

imran said...

Amek jer fizik.Ko kan genius.comeback time spm x leh blah.wah lao.baper bulan jer study ntuk spm still score!haha. A salutation to ur command of english.

imran said...

opppss..comment diatas ialah untuk post yg terbaru.salah post lak komen.haha

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

ko tau x imran...time spm physic paper3, ak tetido n bangun 15minit sbelom tamat..tu pasal ak xtau cne nk jawab..haiz..alih2 dpt A1..tekezut gak..spm mungkin ak bernasib adakah ak akn bernasib baik lg?

btw..thnx for ur compliment..really apreciate it

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