Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Unpredictable Future

THE words of dr noraini and puan shima is still buzing in my head. it is time to decide, wether to take physic and drop econs, or continue wif the econs and ignore the bloody horrifying physics, or to take them both. the advantage of taking physics is i got higher chance of getting placement in other real Indian universities, rather than Manipal n Ramaiah which is conducted by the malaysian MSU. Polish and Checzh Unis also craves for physics, if i intend to go there. continuing econs and ignoring physics makes much differences, i dun hav to bother bout this hateful subject and continue wif my interesting econ classes. however, if that is my choice, i will only get two option, Manipal n Ramaiah, which is not yet secured as those 2 bloody unis might not be providing enuff places for Malaysian students.

However, all this things only works if i manage to get 35points and above ONLY!! It is really difficult to decide wether to take physics or not as my maths are way terrible than other students. Damn the Maths HL. I want to take medic just because i hate maths and physics and now I am required to take both???? I felt like i was cheated and it really makes me want to swear out loud. =(

the imagination of the word "up to you" coming from my parents' mouth has already lingered in my long-undefragmented brain. For sure that will be the first line they are going to say. However, I will ring them soon after i finish posting my new post in my blog, which read by a future-prosperous-human-gonna-be . (insyaAllah!)

This quite-suprising news were hailed by various kind of reaction. some screamed. some smiled. some laughed. some laughed with crinkles filling their foreheads. some even talked bout leaving IB. some also has put a threat to do a "mogok lapar" during the day. some suggested to join the Tindikan and become Alau's classmate. some just shut their mouth. some yelled at everybody to shut their mouth.

And some just ask the guidance from their Creator.
I did that.
and I will keep doing that.



-miyn- said...

what im going to do..

drop ekons, take physics..

itu sebab tiada pilihan lain sebab saya kan amek gigi..

since u r a doctor-to-be, hmmm..

im giving u the same option too lah!

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

thnx miyn...u really help me..haha

Syazwan Harun said...

wpon ko amek medic..ko still kna blajo math wpon kt u nnt..hahaha.math is fun la.wpon aku trok,aku still enjoy..rather than enjoying bio,owh wat a boring life it is..