Saturday, October 4, 2008

In Pursuit of Hosni-ness

A few days ago, i realized that i had lost my -ness. and one might ask what is -ness?

"-ness" is a suffix attached to ur name. and mine is "hosni-ness". it represents who are you and who you are. it is normal that during this growing phase, our "-ness" keep changing. One might always wake up in the morning while asking oneself; where is my "-ness" ???

fortunately for me, i hav found mine. the one that I tot i lost it. i realize that i never lost it actually. it still there in me, but somehow, it did not shine. Now i found it. and I will never let it away from me. i found it. she found it. we found it. we had a real laugh last nite. one that we did not have for so long. one that we really miss. i could not tell how happy i was last nite and how happy i am now, wrting this new post in the loudness and crowdness...

i am really happy. we made a promise, that we will always be like that. i felt so touched. all the laugh that we had last nite, is just the thing that i need to keep my life go on. it just keep me burning inside. to do maths. to revise biology. to finish chemistry. to read SAGA. and to keep facing forward. thank u. thank u for bringing back my "-ness".

o dear mighty Lord, u r d one hu put all these mountains on our path. i dun ask u to take away all the mountains and hills, but i just pray for u to help me to climb these mountains and hills,
and never put mountains that i can never bale to climb. be wif me Lord. guide me. guide me. guide me. ameen.



Abby<333 said...

peh..x ble bla ayat..
spe yg berkenaan ni huh?

Syazwan Harun said...

i got my "ness" back during ramadan
ko blajo drama ke novel skrg?
gua drama dows
dah blajo bulan tetap bersinar, trem bernama desire ngn baru nak msok ni tok perak
tok perak cam shitee~~~~~

obor obor said...

gud luck for ur future endeavour

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

haha..SAGA boghing

-miyn- said...

waahh, hosni maken besemangat!

bagusla tu..

#begaya nya gamba baru!

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

thnx miyn..haha
gmbar kmu juga brgaya!~