Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Flash Of Memory

I remember when i was in primary school, i went to the government's school in the morning and to the religous class in evening. the religious class is organised by a comitee formed by the villagers under the supervision of Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (JAIP). the mudir (headmaster) is one of my father's friend and he is great at giving talk which i always admire him. he also is one of the khatib(preacher) at the mosque.

everyday in our religious class, we end it with asar prayer ussualy lead by the students themselves, or any male teachers, or the mudir himself. sometimes, before we begin the prayer, he used to give a few talk usually about islam and practising islam. one of his talk that i still remember until today is about how people is divide into 3 kinds.

the first one is the one whom his day is better than the previous day. this kinds of people is a very fortunate people.

the second one is the one whom his day is just like the previous day. this kind of people will not progress forward.

the third one is whom his day is worse than the previous day. this kind of people is miserable and unfortunate.

He added that it is not all about fate as we dont even know what is our destiny. so the main focus is to work yous ass off to have a better life and afterlife.

So, how is your day? and how is yesterday?


bawang merah said...

my days lately aren't so good T__T
but yestrdy, everythng turned to be sumting dat i've hoped..
heh, sumua tu, bile dipikir2, back to Allah..
eit, xtau pulak abt da 3grup of ppl..jadiknye, brtambah ilmuku kali ni..hehe
well,cm biase, im praying for better of 2morrow~

p/s:can u pliz tell me da most unforgetable moment between u and ur mudir? (ke...ko xrpt dgn dia??)

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

haha..ak x rapt la ngan die..ak rse die xtau pon ak ni die pnah jumpe mak ak n die knal la ak anak ustaz salleh..n x silap ak die de sebut pkataan hensem mse ak rse die x igt pon ak..yg ak xkan lupe..gaya khutbah die macam bersastera sket..haha