Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KMS on d way

It is a very frustating moments after waiting for 3 hours just to start my medical checkup in a government's clinic called Klinik Hiliran. It was even mre frustrating when the guy at the counter misplace my form, and thats seems the answer of why i had to wait so long since i arrived sharply at 8. It is also frustrating for the readers as i have no interest of continuing the story for a few personal reasons.

Just to inform that i will register at Kole Mara Seremban on 24th june taking IB medic. I am a bit scared now as i feel that IB is really tuff n the question whether i am competent enuff really scared me. A straight As in SPM does not mean that i will enjoy my success in IB unless i work my ass off. Alas, the fright still doesnt make my hand to reach a book.

I will start the journey on 23rd june and i dun think i will have time for blogging next week. Nyway, wish me luck and pray for my success.

p/s: o allah lord of the universe, grant MOHD HOSNI SALLEH the strength to success in his life and his afterlife. If a mountain stood on his path, dun remove it, but help him climb it. Show him the true path. Grant him success. Ameen~~


bawang merah said...

life will be much better if you do your medical check-up at private clinic/hospital..juz like me!


aku nye check-up mmg kejap la..dh la sis tu baik and layanan doktor, gud! thumbs up for them~
within 2-3 days, i'll sure get my result..hehe

Lily Cartina said...

open a clinic with a restaurant..
u know why..

pray for my success as well..
so tht when i work in show biz..
i can invite u along..
u can win grammys,oscars,everything!!

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to bawang merah: agree wif u but alas, my father's life wont be better as he has to pay for the fee if we went to a private clinic

to lily: i really wish u will be an important person in show biz especially filming industry. that time dun forget me kay

Lily Cartina,17 said...

saye amek kamoo jadi main actor kalo saye direct filem nanti.
kite wat filem ala2
mung jadi ah doctor house
kamoo kan klaka..
bola ah tu..
paling2 kurang menang ah oscar..
paling kurang ah..