Monday, June 16, 2008

Tagged By Lily Cartina de Castello

7 facts about me
-dont eat much but luv to eat
-wanna master english, mandarin, cantonese and learn spanish or french
-wanna direct a movie
-have lots to say in my blog but dunno what to say and how to say
-wanna do something meaningful and inspiring
-wanna meet the current mufti perlis n perak, afdlin shauki, mamat khalid, ungku aziz, nik aziz

7 things that frightened me
-my parents' anger
-inability to rise from a failure
-fake fope (or false hope? i dunno the precise term)
-the challenge to raise a family and life

7 songs for the mean time


7 favourite lines for the mean time
-em hai ar yao mou kao chor ar
-some people...
-whats wrong wif the system nowdays?
-"michael, tak bole macam ni..michael, tak bole macam tu"
-Li ti hai me ye lei ga?

7 valuable things for me
-my brain
-my phone
-my watch
-my wallet

7 first time in my life
-read article by the current mufti perlis recently in june
-read harakah in 1998
-use yahoo messenger in 2004
-signed up friendster in 2004
-achieved GPA above 3.5 (that is 3.64) in june 2007

-enter a cinema in 2004 (lord of the ring 2)
-so scared to know the results of my exam (SPM)

7 lucky persons to be tagged


bawang merah said...

7 valuable things for me : she




haaa...who is "she" aa?


Lily Cartina,17 said...

Lily Cartina de Castello..

Anonymous said...

i can imagine u saying all those fav lines..(with ur facial expression) funny..

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

hehe..liyana..u r tagged oso la..negehehe

zafree said...

dun wondering if u noe already la farahin...

wondering?(suddenly remebered something)

Anonymous said...

Terima kasih untuk blog yang menarik