Sunday, November 2, 2008

An escape from....

Last night was a long night indeed. The adventure began as soon as the Isha athan was called where we performed our prayer first, before heading out from this nightmarish IB World School, when the Imam in the peaceful Surau al Furqan was performing the 3rd ruku' . The way we cross the survuiling pak guard is not something that can be shared here, as Mr Ikhwan might read this post also. So it is better for me to keep it to myself for the betterment of everyone who call themselves as a KMS student.

The journey continues as we walked through the darkness of the MPS playground, accompanied by dim streetlights and untitled neverending chat. Jidi and Blankcore went to a gig in Seremban Parade, and we planned to meet them at T-One where Pian wished to watch movie. Afiq n me were excited to grant his wish, after he were willing to spend for all the 5 tickets, in order to persue Jidi and Blankcore to come over there and join us ( somehow they were not interested to watch movie last night after the gig). We head upstairs after courting the ATM machines, and 5 of us watch Bangkok Dangerous happily accompanied by a regular size of Caramel Popcorn Combo. Two thumbs up for the muvie although the ending did no satisfy me. Nicholas Cage is superb indeed in his own outstanding way. (never accuse me of being gay! i am normal!)

However, the freezing cinema hall left everybody who were not wearing any extra cloths in great regret, especially those who wore a 3 quarter short like me, meaning that leaving the hall is a fortune! A roti kosong, a roti telur, and a glass of teh tarik at the NKI Bistro with the exciting football match where the ManU defeat the Hull City, was a really nice moment, after a long tiring and busy week.

On the way back, we just walked through the Lake Garden toghether, chaperoned by spectacular night view of the Lake Garden and again, the untitled neverending chat. Our body and soul were once again, ready to cross over the gates of this IB World School, where another long tiring and busy week awaited us.