Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Overheard Conversation

Last Monday had witnessed me lingering around the office and the staffroom just to make sure that the proposal for claiming financial support for the CAS T-shirt for the beloved fourth batch of IB students in this Seremban IB World School will be approved. As Ustaz Radzi was not around, Madam Hashimah the Director ask me to hand it to Mr Tamam the Head of Student's Affair. My indeed precious time were not let wasted as I head straight to his office when I found that he was having a guest at that time, Dr Noraini the IB Coordinator. I was hesitated whether I should disturb their conversation with my knocking on the door or not, alas, disturbance was my choice.

As I walked into his room, i could not stop myself from hearing their low-voice conversation and without intention doing so, I managed to caught a line spoken by Mr Tamam ;

"They are too relax"

Replied with TWO words of "YES" and several approving nod by Dr Noraini.

I am still waiting for the consequences due to this conversation which, according to my prediction, will not going to be delightful.



pyan said...

sape yg relax sgt ni???
kte punye la bertungkus lumus belajar kt asrama, diorg kate kte relax..

-miyn- said...

piann tipuuuu pian tipuuu!

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to pyan:
btoi2..mmg kite sedang bertungkus lumus..smpai xde mase nk on9 n update blog..haha

to miyn:
pyan x tipu!

mamai said...

diorng nk kta stadi smpai sewel kot..