Friday, November 28, 2008

Dr Sheikh Berucap, Dr Hosni Bermonolog (with English translation)

Due to the complaints from my fellow friends, saying that they can hardly understand a word, I came with these translations. I am not good at translating my own tounge. So, I am sorry for any mistakes. Enjoy reading.

Pagi Saktu besonyo tak dop org bulih kaca. mase ni lah nok tido jenere abihnyo. mase ni lah nok guling batingnyo. mase ni lah nok guling kokseh nyo. Doh kalu dop ari Saktu, ari mano lagi? Ahak nok g gerejo dengar khutbah. Isna pah jumaat ado kelah. Ari Saktu ni lah! ari Saktu ni je la hok kite bulih tido kokseh kite lame mane pung.

It is well agreed that Saturday morning is not the time that is suitable to be disturbed. This is the time where we cud have a sound sleep. This is the time where we will lie downat anywhere that we want. If not on Saturday, then which day it will be? We have hear to the preacher on Sunday. We have classes on weekdays. Only saturday! Saturday is the only day that we cud have a long sleep at our will.

Abeh tu bakpe Abe Mus mari ari Saktu nyo?

Then why is Abe Mus is coming on Saturday?

Ambe ingat ye mari ari Isna, rupenye saing ambe royak ari Isna kekgi Deris Jusoh pulok nk mari. Org sekapa gop tuh! haha, Tempik lagi la Cekgu Ju, ni lah pelik bing ajaib Kolej Mara Serembang ni. kalu wak mnde2 gop, dok rajeng nk royak ke org. Supo Pengaroh soghe jo hok tahu nyo. pah kekgi maghoh pulok kalu kite ni dop gi..

I thought he is coming on Monday but then I was informed by my friend that it is Idris Jusoh who will come on Monday. He is Terengganu-men too! hahaha..Madam Ju wud scream again! This iss something that is just weird about this college. If they organise anything, they rarely inform us. Seems the only person who know bout it is just the Director herself. Then they will scold us for not attending the function.

jubor la..


Malah nok cite banyok, ambe pung sapalah di Dewe Tung Husseing Ong hok come tp tak dop air-cond ni skali lah nge saing2 ambe. Doh nok wat gano, pitih rakyat patut wat pembangunang ke rakyat jd masuk saku puok2 die. paka kipah je la kito sini. Biarlah Abe Mus tahu gano rupo IB World School ni.

To cut down this long story, I arrived in this beautiful but not air-conditioned Tun Hussein Onn Hall along with my friends. What to do? taxpayer's money that shud be used for development goes directly into "their" pockets instead. Then we here have to use fans only. Let Abe Mus know how this IB World School looks like.

Malah nok cite banyok lagi, Abe Mus pung sapa la lepah kite hok budok lagi ni dok tunggu pah tunggu lah yo nok mari, ambe kabor doh, mapuh gi la ye tu angkasawang pung, ye org melayu gop. Natijoh ye la sapa lambak tu, takyoh nok bising la.

Again, to shorten this long story, Abe Mus then arrived after we, the "school kids", were waiting and waiting and waiting for him. I told u, he might be an astronaut, but he is still a Malay. So it is his nature to be unpunctual. Stop making noise bout it.

Dang ye naek atah gop, capa lalu mic. Pah ye pung cakak la mnde2. cakak sedak la. bulih kiro gop la caro yo tu kecek. tapi dok bakor mano semangak ni. patut yo keno mari ngaji nge aku dulu baru bulih kechek sedak! hehehe...

As he went up to the stage, he grab his mic. Then, he began his speech. He is a good speaker. Not bad. But somehow, he cant manage to burn the spirit. He shud look for my consultation first, then only he will become hell of a speaker! hehehehe...

Yo pung tunjuklah video2 yo maing di angkaso lepah tu. Padelah oghe kato wak bazer jah wak goni. supo g ata yo melancong jah. geger bnar bulih make rende di nun. oghe hok dok bawoh ni jerit susoh, yo dok maing atah nun.

Then he the videos showing all the sweet times he had up there in the ISS. Now I know why those people keep saying that this programme is just a waste. It just like sending him for a vacation. What is so great about eating "rendang" up there. The people here were crying in poverty and he was having a good time up there.

Nok wak pendek cito lagi, Abe Mus pung buko la sesi nok tanyo soalang2. Pah sekor2 tubek gi tanyo yo. Keno 2 butir soalang gop, yo pung turung dari petah tu. Pah, kohor rama la oghe tanyo. pah doh abih brapo butir yo jawak, yo pung tanyo;

To cut down this long story, Abe Mus then held the questioning session. One by one came out and asked him questions. After 2 questions, he got off from the stage to the floor, causing more audience to raise their hands. After several questions had been answered, he then asked ;

"Ok, siapa ade soalan?"

Tengok2 aku hok akak tange! gilo...tapi doh yo prase aku akak yo pung mari kak aku. ketar gop nok kechek. oghe hensem jupo oghe hensem, gitu la. ambe pung sakek gop tengok oghe tanyo soalang2 bodo jah. Yo keno oghe smart gop hok bulih tanyo oghe smart.

It seems me who raised hand! Lunatic..but as he realised that I had put up my hand, he came to me to give me his mic. I was nervous and shaky at that time. Well, it is not an uncommon thing when two handsome guy met each other. I was a bit irritated by all those silly questions. Time for a smart guy to ask a smart guy.

"ramai yang mengatakan bahawa program angkasawan negara ini tidak lebih dr satu pembaziran, jadi bagaimana dr menafikan kenyataan itu."

"dan lagi satu, adakah program ini sedang berlangsung lagi? jika sedang berlangsung, apa yang dorang tgh wat skarang n ape yg dorang akan wat pasni?"

lebih kughe gitulah soale aku. yo pung jawak la..yo kechek sdak gop, tp slack mace dok terbakar caro delivery yo. biarlah. buke aku hok jd angkasawe. tp ngelah2 kali, ak stuju gop la nge yo.

My question seems to be something like that (I cant really remember!~).Then he answered. A good answer of course. He is indeed a good speaker. However, he shud learn how to burn the spirit. hmmm..just forget bout it..i am not the one who became an astronaut. However, due to his explaination, we finally met the agreement - the programme IS NOT a waste.

P/S :
So, the conclusion is, it IS NOT A WASTE !! other sectors might need that allocation of money also, however, it is important to burn the spirit of malaysian to do great in their studies so as they can contribute to the country for more sophidticated development of aerospace technology. It does not concern about how that Abe Mus eat or drink at the ISS but how he was able to get into the programme and be selected. Its all about preserverence . We Malay and malaysian really need that spirit. I hope Abe Mus can tour around the country and inspires all the young malays to strive for ultimate excellence beyond imagination. May Allah help u Abe Mus !!~~

another p/s:
improvise ur speech. learn from the motivators, speakers and politicians. U are a complete package to burn the malaysian spirit. u just need a hell of speech. with Lord besides u, there shall never be any barrier. INSYAALLAH

gamba ni la ambe nok taye ko cucu ambe kekgi...hehe =)

These are the pictures that I will show off to my grandchildren...hehe =)



Syazwan Harun said...

ko mmg kuat merapu

alicia keys said...

org kelantan ke ko?

Anonymous said...

x faham la bahase kelantan mung ciko...x yah tulis la...kecek sudah...

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to wan :
its just a mere translation dude..

to alicia :
I am an ex-kuantanese who currently living in terengganu and well-hearsed in kelantanese.

to zaki :
its actually mix of kelantanese and terengganuspeak..haha..

Syasya Fickry said...

weh. i understand the whole thing, even without reading the translation. hebat x i?

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to syasya: we have to be more careful when speaking in the accent in front of syasya..hahaha

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