Friday, January 9, 2009

Salam! Ya KMS! (Greeting, o KMS)

Here am I at the under-renovation Bangunan Nazak in this outstanding Seremban IB World School. The way of this building looks now might make you think that the Zionist regime has mistakenly lunch a missile to this very building. The failure of both contractor and college administration to get this renovation done within the school holidays had spawn anger among the teachers, as well as the students. Wisma Pelajar is not a conducive place to conduct classes and poor A Level students had to fight for their asses to get a sit in the small Lecture Hall 1.

This very first week (4 days to be exact) back from meaningless holiday, as usual; my weight-gained body draw attention from my caring friends. Well, they have no different too. Holiday is the only time to really stuff our stomach with the dearest food of our desire instead of those horrible masterpieces served by the Dewan Selera Lah Sangat.

The two days re-orientation programme had left us completely in boredom. Though, few teachers should be given credit. Thanks to them for they came out with several activities that is not so boring, not including the Chicken Dance and the Siamese Song Dance. My beloved and wise Madam Siti Marry also had managed to give a good speech, although she was merely repeating what she had told us last year.

The weird thing about this bloody Chicken Dance, agreed by Mr Wajidi and Miss Aminah, is almost all of my friends from the other education institute all over Malaysia somehow knew this bloody dance. It is not about how we should shake our asses and prancing like a half wits, but it is just because when we were asked to dance, the guys were positioned in front of the girls, creating an uncomfortable feelings overwhelming our mind and heart.

This very displeasure rose as we felt like our cute asses was being "usha" by the girls behind us while we were dancing. To the female readers who just started to vomit or make an “Eeeeeeeeeeeeww!” sound, let me remind you that this uncomfortable feeling of mine is shared with all my friends and I bet that each of you would have the same feeling if you were in our shoes that time.

Thursday and Friday greet us with the semester 1 exam results. Thanks to Allah Almighty, my performance is quite acceptable although dissatisfaction still rose due to my Chem Misery, Mad, Biol Lagi, and Ekor Nomy. Their details will not be shared here and all I can say is I have to perform my puasa nazar. It is the first time mingling with such question for god sake, and all I can do next is to strive harder and harder for a better result in the next three semesters, the final one especially.

The departure of Madam Khomah to pursue her study had left our class with her new successor that will be here in February. Happily keeping the holiday Chem Misery homework in view, we pay the consequences as Madam Zolbidah the temporary teacher had asked us to submit it on this Monday, not to mention the experiment design task given by Madam Juriah last year. These two tasks, along with the frustrating exam results, had put away our smile and laughter, leaving us speechless for a long long long long 5 minutes. Well, say hello to IB again!

P/s; When will we ever learn that procrastination always lead to disaster?



-miyn- said...

saya secara jujurnya, berkata tiada sapa meng-usha anda sekalian apa lagi mengatakan euwww euwww..

sebabnya, kami sendiri terlalu teruja melakukan chicken dance tersebut.


fikir2 balek mcm best pulak.

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

buat miyn;
baguslah jika demikian..
haha..saya ada sekilas terpandang anda, gaya malu2 tapi mau! hoho

nurulfana said...

seriously aku rase bgnn nazak tu cam emenanjung gaza.
smpai nk pee pn xle, toilet sume dah kene kopak.
sgt budus.
n sgt bgus ye name2 yg ko reke utk subjek2 fav ko tuh.