Saturday, January 31, 2009

Miserable Miser

For this couple of weeks, I felt like I was stuck in the crowdedness of the Mydin Mall during the Hari Raya Sale. That fcuking Mydin Mall have nothing to do with me actually, just using it as a metaphor, portraying my damn busy life for this past two weeks. I felt like having asthma and gasping for air just to breathe.

My head feel like expanding, waiting to explode while I am trying to understand those miserable CHEMisery, arranging a secret CAS project, arranging a party for those special kids of Taman Sinar Harapan and thinking of ways to market the handcrafts made by them, studying that brainless Okonkwo, searching for a suitable research question for my Extended Essay and solving those bloody idiot Maths HL questions. Blame me for not spending my Chinese New Year holiday wisely.

Not to mention about how I am now worry about my god damn fat body. I think I am getting bigger and fatter. A conversation with Mr Amsyar and Mr Ikmal days ago confirmed my worries. The content of the conversation will not be discussed here.

In addition to my worries, this year, I find that climbing up those KMS fences are now had become uneasy for me! SHIT! Thank God I realized it a few days ago. I think it is time for me to revive my Plan B (Wawasan Hosni Kurus 2009). Plan A (Wawasan Hosni Kurus 2008) had totally screwed up.

Bear in mind that I still got Plan C.

p/s: thoughts of having Plan D and Plan E have been taken into consideration. My life is miserable. Indeed.




bloody idiot math??
miserable chemistry??

ohhh gosh!
i'm now working on with my super duper bloody idiot engine math!

pyan said...

xpe, tiap2 hari ko lalu je jalan belakang tuh, gerenti kurus..

Ahmad Safwan bin Idrus said...

jom r ciko
kita men kejar2 ngn anjing

Anonymous said...

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