Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Light of Hope

Sitting in front of my dear laptop after performing me prayer, make my mind to wander back to 9 hours ago where we were visiting Taman Sinar Harapan Tengku Ampuan Najihah in Seremban, a place for Orang Kurang Upaya Akal, who were there following the court order.

My heart was thumping as soon as my foot set on the shelter’s compound. To be frank, I had no idea why do I feel like that, whenever I look or think about those unfortunate children and even if I watch Bersamamu TV3. I will feel uneasy as I am there with a healthy and fat figure, with good head on my shoulder, while staring at them, who can barely take care of themselves, or to make a living. I cant really describe my actual feeling that time actually.

Sad, sympathy, stunned, downhearted, grim, heavy, hopeless, miserable, mournful, pitiful, tragic, and unfortunate and lots of other uncomfortable feelings rose in my stomach and heart if I ever be in their situation.

I will always feel that I am a useless person who cannot do anything to help them nor to contribute anything for the betterment of the community.

Listening to a briefing by Mr Basir Ahmad was not a difficult task. Every nerves were put to work to pay attention, listening to every single word coming out from his mouth, while my imagination soaring up the sky, thinking of what possibly that we could do to contribute to them.
This place got fine infrastructure, fine field, fine playground, fine caretakers, and is financed by the Community Welfare Office under the supervision of the government of Malaysia.

Listening and thinking did not really tested me, but when it was time to pay a visit to the hostels, I was quite excited and eager, and somehow deep in my heart core, the indescribable uneasy feelings rose again. Smiling heavily, I follow Mr Basir to the hostel, which is actually more like a small empty house.

A few handshakes and hugs finally gave my nerves back and that uncomfortable feelings finally vanished away. Thanks to the rest of the guys who were mingling very well with them, make me realise how good to know them, how good to see and to talk to these special peoples. I felt so touched and not even have any idea why.

After visiting their hostel, their Dining Hall where they eat very properly without making any mess like the KMS students, their classroom where they learnt how to make hell of handcrafts that had just stunned us; we finally have to leave them.

However, at the time where we were wandering in their classroom, playing with those magnificent baskets, flowers and other handcrafts which will not be expected to be created by the hands of these unfortunate children; I manage to have a word with Mr Basir to discuss what could we possibly do to help them or to really give the Sinar Harapan (Light of Hope) to them.

Mr Basir kindly entertained us with stories and information that have been really helpful. While talking, I dare not to stare his eyes, which was a bit glassy, portraying his loving heart which had been devoted for these children. I neither can stand the look of his eyes, nor the look of the children’s eyes. Well, sometimes, a handsome guy can be very emotional.

We will set our foot back onto this soil, bringing light to cheer up our new friend here. We will. InsyaAllah.

My mind then started to think of the next step; what could we do to contribute something to them?

May Allah guide us.

Any suggestion?


abbad said...

sumtimes hnsome guys can be very emotional :P
i dun hv any suggestion r8 now actly..
i'l giv u sum later

(sje nk mnyebok kt sini)

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to abbad;
ya..silakan2..saya suka org menyibuk di blog saya..sungguh