Friday, February 13, 2009


This week is another 7 days full of madness and insanity. The wound in my deep heart core is still bleeding due to my story with my dear HEP. My yin yang has been totally upside down. Like those mad girls having PMS, i started to use the same cliche of "imbalanced hormones" in my excuses.

Without any Extended Essay title managed to be thinked off, abundant homeworks, confusing and mind-tiring lessons, everyday is a bad day. Daniel Powter must be smiling as his song really potray my life. With those madness blowing my head off at the same time, i faound my self not ready for the second trip to the Taman Sinar Harapan to do community service there. We, the Entrepreneurship Club, had prepared nothing fer god sake! Azhzurin and his guys has been sewing handkerchieves and making souveniers fer them.

Thanks to Blade and Leman, they had already planned fer the enterteinment part and they did a good job. They knew what they are doing I suppose. Of course, in front of the supervisors, i came out with all the manipulated facts about how we had prepared for our trip there. Spiced up a lil bit u noe.

Last Wednesday witnessed how happy those kids are, greeting us, hugging us, playing with us, paper folding with us, singing with us and I can say that they had a good time. Those kids a good with songs. Thay can sing all those hit songs that me myself dont even know the title. They were not really good with paper folding though, but I manage to teach them how to make a jek ketah (paper aeroplane). That is the one and only origami that I still remember.

Well to said, the event went quite smoothly. We sang toghether, Chicken Dancing toghether, and we had a good time. Credit should be awarded to Blade, Leman, Tia, Tipah, and else who had work their asses off to conduct such activity. I still miss those kids now. The mural painted was superb. I managed to scribble my innitial onto the wall. Credit to Fikhri, Niza, Shak, Hazman, Zaki, and else. To kids of Taman Sinar Harapan, by Allah's will, we shall be back there again.

Friday was a disaster. Woke up as early as 7.45am, I found myself rushing to the toilet, bathing, brushing teeth and peeing and the same time, before getting my clothes on and performing my Subuh prayer within a minute, rushing to the class and arrived late for a minute. Luckily there was no Tamam or Paklan patrolling the gate as ussual.

Before I even warm the chair up, I was informed by He that I had been summoned by Pn Rohana. Dashed to ther room, i found myself being scolded by her, for only returning the LCD that morning, as according to her, i should return it yesterday. I borrowed it on last Wednesday and she did not even mention when should i return it. to make the whole thing seems more dramatized, she had banned me from borrowing any LCD from the Science Department. I left her room, speechless.

p/s; the good thing about this week is, I finally managed to flip tru my Campbell! I miss that guy so much!


nurulfana said...

ciko xtuleh name aku pn
ak pn lukis mural tu jgk
majuk ah camni..

Syazwan Harun said...

padan muke kena ban

-miyn- said...

aku takdak time pun nk tgk nota yg ckgu ju kasi tu. sedih gila. bila la penderitaan nak berakhir.

#girls having pms are NOT MAD.

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to fana;
alala...ak puji kang koriak plak..kembang2 idung..senyum sorang2..ak tak nak ko kne cop gile..ahaha

to waan fook;
best pe kne ban..macam makan maggi malam2..

to miyn;
penderitaan ni sebnyae hanya satu permulaan..selamat berjuang wahei sahabatku..

btw...girsl having PMS are indeed NOT MAD..but they act in such a MAD way and make everybody else MAD