Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Haircut

For a charming and handsome guy like Lord Hosni, nothing frightens him most but his over-long hair. And why such things should frighten him? It is just because that means he needs a haircut.

Then just go to a damn barbershop and get a damn haircut! Or a hair saloon fer God sake!

No. Not that easy. Well, it is really frightening for me to get a haircut from a barber as the first thing the barber would ask is;

Nok potong wane? (How would you like your hair to be cut?)

That is the most frightening question for me! I knew nothing about hairstyles! What should I say then? If I say something, he would definitely cut the way that I did not meant to!

What if I say slope? Wait! I dunno what the hell slope haircut look like! What if I say layer? Err, how does a layer haircut actually look? Or maybe I should just quote directly from Mr Squarepants - Jig me down, make me round! Hell no.


Then of course to make myself look clever and to portray myself as a student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, I will say in a lazy tone;

Macang hok bese ah..pendek.. Stai oghang kije jabak (like usual, just the common one. Short like those office workers you know)


The haircutting machine will start making noise and cutting the masterpiece on my head. One by one my hair falls on my shoulder. Then my face seems to be rounder and rounder, telling me how fat I am by making all the blubber and double chin become clearer and more visible.

Owh! I hate it when I have to get my hair short. Why my hair should continuously divide itself mitotically when it has already grow to the extent that I want as well as obeying the college rule? Why can’t I let it grow long nyway? Why the Seremban IB World School have to forbid their students from having long hair?

I have so long wanted a long uncut hair you know. Like Ramli Sarip or A Samad Said, you name it. You just wait. And when the time come where you will see my hair just like theirs, bear in mind that that time I have already been banished by my parents.

Then as my imagination fly way across the seven seas, come again those bloody questions;

Atah nok nipih dop? (Do you want your top hair here to be trimmed??)

Blakang nok akak kek dop? (Do you want to have your back hair thinned?)

Tepi ni nok wat gane eh? (How would you like me to cut your hair on the side?)

Saik beng nok sipang dop? ( Do you want to keep your side burn?)

Again, lazy tones by a student of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme greet the questions sluggishly with lots of “errrr” and “hmmm” as well as “aaaaa”.

They story will end with a green and a blue note withdrawn from my wallet and handed in to the barber. Thanks to the Kuala Terengganu Barber Association who had it fixed already. RM6 for an ADULT like me. These days, barbers can be very cekik darah you know. A few minutes staring at the mirror while twisting my neck right left, with my eyes actively moving and focusing on each part of my hair accompanied by the voice of the barber ;

“Molek dop?” (Is it ok?)

“Wane?” (So..how?)

“Ke nok pendek gi?” (Or you want it shorter?)

Repeated over and over again with his face which full of hope, until I say;

“Bulih a ni...” (Well, this is just nice..)

Was I honest with my answer? I also have no idea. I told you that I know nothing about hairstyle. I don’t even know how to comment other people’s hairstyle or even mine! Well, I just answer like that to comfort myself.

Is my new hair OK or not?

I don’t really care.



DaNiaL FOo said...

I cut my hair too...I think mine is rather too short...My brother told me I look like a military guy....

bawangmerah said...

Nok potong wane?

aku ingat dia tanye

"nak potong or kaler?"

hahahaha. kalau ko cakap kaler, pengsan kot aku jumpe ko kat kms.
well, kite tengok nanti kat kolej rambut baru ko.
akan ku komen!

Zafree said...

maner gambar ko dah potong rambut?

tu jer yg aku nantikan


jhar said...

jom sign petition jom
simpan rambut panjang yeah

Chloe Mays said...

It's good to see another Gen-Y blogger who is in the International Baccalaureate program. I live in Colorado and will ads you to my Gen-Y bloggers list. Stop by and say hi!



Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

Dear Foo,
eleh..just tell me that u wanna join the PLKN..

dear bawang;
when u see me with my hair dyed with other color than black, just know that u r seeing my ghost as i had been killed by my father after he dig me from my grave as my mom wud kill me first..

dear zafree;
wahaha..no i will not post it here..it gets my confidence level low unoe..

dear jhar;
YEAHHH!!~~~~i cudnt agree more!

dear chloe;
thnks..will add u in the list too..err..what is gen y?

cik siti penguin said...

somehow I feel thankful about being a girl right now. haha. no stupid rules on leaving my hair long.

Lily Cartina said...

to bawang merah :

Nok potong wane?

ayat tu kalo spell betol2 jadi mcm ni

Nak potong guane?


to hosni :

gak demo ensem sngoti deyh le ni? rambot baru ke.. :p