Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Carbonara to Croquignolet

Preparing breakfast for family is one thing but cooking spaghetti for breakfast is another thing. Born in a Malay family in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia had made our stomach stuffed with Nasik lemak ikan haya every morning. It’s not that I have never cooked spaghetti before but before this, we only use the canned sauce by Prego or Campbell but after visiting Giant the day before that, we can’t find any spaghetti sauce except for the traditional one, which was strongly opposed by my sister as she doesn’t fond of any form of tomatoes.
So we decided to use our own intelligence to create spaghetti Carbonara! I dun know whether our spaghetti here were deserved to be called Carbonara or not, however I told myself that we are not making or cooking any Carbonara, I am an artist, I dun make or cook, I create!

And dun ever worry, although I am such a magnificent artist who manage to create the outstanding delicious spaghetti Croquignolet (the name that I have decided to call my creation, instead of Carbonara), I am never too stingy to share the recipe. Grab ur pen and papers everyone! (Although u can always use Microsoft Word instead).

Firstly, boil water in the stockpot, then, add a lil bit of butter in it to avoid the spaghetti for sticking together, before adding the spaghetti. After they had been finely cooked, toss them and put on the serving plates.

At the same time on another pot, heat a spoonful of butter, until it is hot and brownish, add a few spoons of corn flour. Make sure u always stir the mixture to avoid it from forming lumps. Then, add milk for about a liter, depending on your own instinct while stirring in the pot non-stop.

Add the finely grated cheese of whatever brand into the mixture. The amounts are according to ur instinct once again. Hey, never stop stirring!
Then, add a packet of Maggi branded Mushroom Soup.

Meanwhile, heat a spoonful of butter in a frying pan, then, add finely chopped garlic, and fry it until I become golden brown and until the smells rise up in the air. Add diced chicken that had been mixed and marinated with Worcestershire sauce for a night. Then, add button mushrooms that had been finely sliced, and fry them all until all the chickens are cooked. Remember that the amounts of all this things are to be manipulated according to our instinct. After they had been fully cooked, turn off the fire, and add them to the sauce pot.

Add oregano to the mixture, it will be encouraged if u put thyme or rosemary or even parsley but I have none of this in my fridge. Then, add salt and pepper to taste. Stir the sauce again, if it is too dilute, add some corn flour that had been fully dissolved in water. Be careful to add it bit by bit with continuous stir as it may form lumps. If it is too thick, add a lil bit of water. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper again to taste.

P/s: As u serve this magnificent Spaghetti Croquignolet, sprinkle a lil bit of oregano on top of the dish. It will enhance the taste.

Spaghetti Croquignolet now are ready to be served!!
Bon appetie ~~~

Perhaps this shud be considered as my TOK homework!


-miyn- said...


nnt masak la utk geng2 entrepreneurship!

kita kan family.. =P

Mohamad Arif Wajidi b Ahamad Kamal said...

sbuk je geng cacing ni...

Syazwan Harun said...

ur carobonara looks kinda weird
maybe its the spegeti
looks dull

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to miyn:
waahh..bole2..utk geng entreprreneur masak char siew pao pon bole!~~ wakaka

to jidi:
oit..lu jgn cari pasat..nnt wa panggil geng bakul datang..

to wan run:
oit..told u dy its not carbonara..its vroquignolet fer god sake!