Monday, December 15, 2008

Back in Kwa-tang

Kwa-tang is the pronunciation of Kuantan in Terengganu accent, while Kwen-ten is the pronunciation in Pahang accent. The Kuantanese accent is the mixture of both. I speaks well in Kuantanese, Terengganu accent, and also Kelantanese , but I neither able to speak in Pahang’s accent nor to really understand it.

Having a chat with Lily few days ago reminds me of how much I miss to hear the Kuantanese accent. Not to mention the Kuantanese food!

A long journey, KT-Kuantan-KL-Gombak-Kuantan, had caused a great tiredness to everybody in the family. The journey using 1.3cc Toyota Lite-Ace borrowed from my uncle is not really comfortable, not to mention how bad the conditions of the roads in KL and how bad its people’s driving way! Oh, the KL mayor shud really check the roads. JKR must be sleeping! I tot only BANDARAYA Kuala Terengganu have bad road conditions.

However, the tension was solved by a bowl of fantastically tasty Curry Noodles, bought from the famous Planet Curry House. OMG, I really miss Kuantanese food! The Mee Kari is damn good! Damn nice! Damn scrumptious! Damn tasty! Damn delicious! And Damn! Damn! Damn!

Back to Terengganu the very next day, my mother surprised me with the dinner – fried ikan sebarau, bought at the Pasar Tani in Kuantan Town, sayur pucuk paku masak lemak, and a nice sambal belacan!

My mouth waters as I lift up the tudung saji! God, it is so hard to find freshwater fish in KT u noe…this ikan sebarau was marinated first with daun limau purut, limejuice, and a bit wheat flour, before it is mixed with salt and ground chili, and deep fried, until it is a bit hangus, where the outer part is very crispy, but the inner flesh is very soft!
With the lime fragrance filling in your mouth, well-tasted with the salty flavor, its taste like paradise.. you can’t find this ikan sebarau in Terengganu.

there are the deep fried ikan sebarau..the best part is its tail and its ribs!best to eat while its still hot. Its look a bit hangus, but trust me, it is REALLY GODDAMN GOOD.

pucuk paku...(or pucuk ubi? i also have no idea, but they are exquisitely delicious)

That night, I went to sleep with a smile on my face =)


bawang merah said...

sedap nyeeeeeee~~!!

p/s: tak nak ckp loghat melaka?

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

memang sedap...

hau hau hau hau! (da ckp pon loghat melakau kau ni..)