Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visit to Kuantan

It had been long since I set my foot on Kuantan soil, which had been the place where I grew up for these 17 years, before the whole family moved to Kuala Terengganu. Wondering around the town make me realize on how much I really miss the peaceful Kuantan. The town is not too urban but not to kampong, the Kuantanese are civilized on the road (not like Terengganu people!), the town is beautiful and peaceful, the Town Council are doing good in their job in making the people aware about their behavior on road, especially when they park their car s the Town Council men are everywhere. Not like the Terengganu people who park their car at anywhere that they think it is suitable, even on the road divider! And most of people who lived in Kuantan love living here, in spite of its high kos sara hidup.

We went to the new East Coast Mall, where I met Lily who was working at the Baskin & Robin, where I was treated with a cup of delicious chocolate ice cream! She is now waiting for her SPM result, and recently, she received a call for an interview by the NST to become their journalist! My gosh! I wish her the very best!! I am the one who went excited! OMG, I just cud not wait to have a friend who were working for a press! Superb! All the best for you, Lily!

A few hours before that, we visited the Chinese tailor in Beserah, who always consider our family as his regular customer since the past 20 years until now, where we still have him to make our clothes, although we have moved to Terengganu. My mother wants my brother and me to have a nice baju melayu to wear on my eldest brother’s wedding next year (OMG, its next year fer god sake!).

The problem is, the kain is only 4 metre, and it takes about 2.5 metre for me and 2 metre for my brother.

“Ala towkey, bagi murah siket aa..kita pindah pun datang sini tau..Ni kain 4 meter x boleh buat 2 orang ke?” , my mother asked.

“Aiyoh! Tak boleh manyak besar besar punye budak (referring to me). You kene pegi cari lain kain la tambah. You nanti pegi cari lain kain hoh..(agreed by my mother). Ni you mau buat yang mana dulu? Ini besar punya budak dulu hoh (pointing to me), ” replied that Cantonese tailor, well greeted by my brother’s cackle.

Then I started to curse under my breath..

“Beruk la nate cino ni…”

that Chinese tailor shop..quite antique-look

that makcik in red is me madre, number 3 guy is me brother, and man in white is that tailor


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