Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dark Skies Upon A Barren Land

People said that the utmost regret in the whole life on earth would be things undone, words unsaid, and pictures not captured. This would be one of the rare cases where the majority and I finally met an agreement. Upon pursuing our goals, we were always at our very best to strive manly for it, without considering much about how it may affect others.

It has been a nature, where we always look forward to what we are pursuing up to a certain point when we never look back anymore, nor we look at what that surrounds us. The journey continue until somehow, we fell at the middle of the path of our cause, where the path lies ahead seems so grey and unpredictable, while the skies looks so gloomy upon a barren land.

Some of us were still be very fortunate, to find there are peoples who still stand besides them with their helping hands, however, some did not, as they found nobody besides them. The peoples that were together with them had turned back over them, without much realizing, those peoples have already became their past.

They have to stand up themselves, wipe the earth on their body themselves, and continue walking on the same road, themselves.



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