Monday, December 15, 2008

Off to Kay El

The very next morning, we head to KL, to my cousin’s condo in Wangsa Maju (is that in KL?). The reason why we went to KL is to attend our cousin’s wedding, which we called him Abang Atoi (real name is Ahmat Fitri, which I knew it on the nikah ceremony when the Qadi called up his name!). The akad nikah was held at As Syakirin Mosque. Here are the snap pictures.

there he is, kissing his wife's forehead while surrounding by the "paparazi" and teased by all his makcik-makcik.
a group of "aparazi"in action!

Reciting his vow.

reciting the Kabul part - he did once only! (there are two previous guy before him, who did twice and trice to satisfy the Qadi)

supported by the whole relatives!
The walimatul urus was on the next day, at the Salahuddin al Ayubi Mosque in Gombak. Both had their degree in law at UIAM. The groom are now a magistrate in Shah Alam, while the bride is a penolong pendaftar . I am having good time meeting all the long-time-no-see relatives. Of course, these several lines had always been the cliché in this kind of gathering;

“Amboih lamanye tak jumpe”

“Eehh, besor dari Pak Long lagi”

“Kamu ni besor lagi dari Paman”

“Amboih, semuanye lagi besor dari Mak Chor”

“Eh, aritu dating umah Mak Su xde le besor cenggini ”

“Oih, dulu kecik je, paras pinggang, skarang…”

Aiyoh, O my beloved aunts and uncles, I noe that I am big in size, nonit to repeat maa.. These wil be the famous cliché, when we talked about my study;

“Uih, makin besor lagi! Kamu belajor mane skang?”

“ini yang nak pegi India tu?”

“Kamu esok, kene blajor le cakap keling!”
“Esok tekejut le mak nye, balik bawak bini keling!”

“Dey! Tambi! Wang glek! (Pretending to speak in tamil)”

“Bile kamu fly?”

“Nanti da jadi Doktor boleh le rawat Paman ye?”

I dun noe where they heard that I am taking medicine in India. I am enrolling in International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Seremban IB World School for god sake!

And just becoz iwear size XXL, these were the lines that will always being uttered by your makcik and pakcik whenever u eat one table with them.

“Ala, tambah le nasik tu, malu-malu plak”

“Ala Mak Su tau kamu nak tambah, malu-malu plak”

"Eh, takkan satu round je kot?"

Haiz, it is true when the old people says, you cannot choose your family. Fortunately, I am good at dodging and countering those lines. Heh, never mess with Lord Hosni!
After the ceremony, we headed back to Kuantan!



bawang merah said...

ahahaha - jadik, bape round kau makan?
cakap aa satu round je...memang aku takkan caye lah

Lord Hosni de Croquignolet said...

to bawang merah;
er..satu kot..lebih sket la..kui3