Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sir Ratanam

Glancing at my IELTS certificate, I smile. Well, it worth all the hard works and I can say it is not bad, for me, a person who came from a small village in the East Coast.

My mind started to flash back all the memory of my early years of learning English. Back in my primary school which is in Beserah, Kuantan where it is just a sub-urban area near the South China Sea where most of its people work as fishermen.

For kampong students of SK Beserah like us, even our own Bahasa Melayu was difficult to grasp, as many of us speak Terengganunese. Not to mention English. I remember how our English teacher, an Indian, taught us English.

He was a very dedicated teacher. He has unique methods to teach us so that we can understand better. His name is Sir Ratanam. However, due to our Terengganunese accent, we called him Se Ghak-nang instead !

He taught me English. He taught all my siblings. He also taught all the other sons and daughters of Beserah. He had been teaching in the SK Beserah for years and he spends his last days of service there.

Se Ghak-nang always emphasized on the importance of practicing what we have learnt. So, not a single Malay word was allowed to be uttered. I remember my old friend back in Standard Six says something about “coli mok mu” to my other friend. They were having quarrel that time. Then Se Ghak-nang scolded them and said that the word “coli” in English is bra. You see, even when we wanted to swear, or say nasty things; we only can say it in English.

Se Ghak-nang always encouraged us to stand up and speak in English. He promoted the public speaking. Sometimes he stops you at the corridor and have you tested on public speaking. Everybody was afraid of him. Of course you can speak about anything that you want, but I don’t know, it was so scary that time. He sometimes calls pupils up during the assembly and then; public speaking time!

He also likes to make mistakes in class, so that his pupils will have to correct him. He purposely spells the day incorrectly so that his fellow students will speak in English in order to correct him.

He taught us how to use words like “moreover”, “furthermore”, “in addition” and so on. Even today, whenever I use those words, I remember his voice and face. He always encouraged us to be brave and try to speak in English. He said that it is OK to make mistakes, so that you will learn. It is important to stand tall and speak! Don’t be ashamed of it.

He taught us the meaning of bravery, perseverance, and hard work. He instilled the spirit of wanting to success in every hearts of Beserah’s child.

He taught English to me and all the other sons and daughters of Beserah. He even taught all my siblings. He was a teacher in the SK Beserah for years and he spends his last days of service there.

His wise words are always in my heart. I cannot deny that he is one of the most influential people in making what Lord Hosni the Wise is today.

Dear Se Ghak-nang, I owe you an incalculable debt.



bLaDe said...

what a very nice teacher you had...
i also had razlina...she was a discipline teacher in my primary school and very fierce...nobody will talk in her class...haha...that is one of the answer to my not-too-good english that i possesed...what an excuse...kan3...gaga

lordhosni said...

well, we all have our own excuse on everything..whether they r relevant or not, it is a whole different story

crixerity said...


Syazwan Harun said...

i owe it to 4years in aussie :P

Mohamad Arif Wajidi b Ahamad Kamal said...

Ahh..the good old Sir Ratanam..we will sure miss you..(bajet aku pun kenal dia..)

lordhosni said...


hahaha..lucky u amigo..well, u can consider beserah as little London =P

yes..amen to Lord!~~